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22-Fallout 4 How Settlement Supply Lines Work 1
Fallout 4: How Settlement Supply Lines Work

Settlements were introduced in Fallout 4. To know your way around them, you need to know about supply lines.

6-Red Dead Online Trader Guide 1
Red Dead Online: Trader Guide

The Trader Role is probably the most realistic Role in Red Dead Online. This is how to do it well.

A split image featuring the protagonist of Pokemon legends looking into the distance, artwork of Giovanni, and the Ultra Necrozma fight 1
The Pokemon Timelines Explained

After all the different versions of Pokemon, keeping track of the timeline has proven difficult. Here is a description for when everything took place.

Sky Children Of The Light - four of the sky people on a hill with a split night and day sky behind them 1
Sky: Children Of The Light - How To Play With Friends

For a social game, it's a lot harder to play with friends than you'd think it would be.

18-How To Enter Bloodborne's CUMMMFPK Dungeon 1
Bloodborne: How To Enter The CUMMMFPK Dungeon To Level Up Fast

This dungeon has earned itself an NSFW name, but it remains one of the best places to power level. Gather your weapons hunters to enter the CUMMMFPK.

a box full of gold bars 1
Great Ways To Earn Money And Gold Fast In Red Dead Online

If you want to earn money and gold fast in Red Dead Online, here are the best tips to get that $$$.

High honour buck in Red Dead Online 1
9 Ways To Raise Your Honour In Red Dead Online

Honour is a big part of your character in Red Dead Online, and there are ways to both raise and lower it.

Minecraft Kelp, Coal, and Bees 1
Minecraft: 11 Best Items To Use As Fuel In A Furnace

Minecraft is all about building impressive structures, but that requires fuel. Here are the best items to use as fuel for a furnace in Minecraft.

Skyrim: Every Female NPC You Can Marry And Where To Find Them

If you want to find a woman to marry in Skyrim, here is every single one in the game!

featured image guarma article with arthur and dutch getting ambushed by guards 1
Red Dead Redemption 2: 12 Things You Can Only Do In Guarma

Guarma provides a nice change of pace from Red Dead Redemption 2's usual gameplay loop. What are some things Arthur can only do on the island?

Red Dead Online split image with Moonshiner Maggie Fike on left and Collector on right 1
Every Role In Red Dead Online, Ranked

The roles featured in Red Dead Online give you different avenues of varying quality with which to earn money to spend in the Wild West.

Street Fighter thirsting 1
Band from Cabaret Grand from Yakuza 0 1
Gamers Discuss Their Favourite Minigames

From time sinks to fun escapades

tchia the titular character is looking at fireflies in her hands 1
Tchia Launches March 21, Free On PlayStation Plus Premium And Extra

It's coming soon, and at no extra cost if you have PS Plus Premium or Extra

The Finals a black operator in close up giving a salute 1
The Finals Announces Two-Week-Long Closed Beta Starting March 7

Sign up to get a first look at the carnage

the-last-of-us-joel-ellie 1
The Last Of Us Writers Reveal The Source Of Joel's Panic Attacks

"This episode is about Joel coming to terms with how terrified he is that she’s going to die and it’s going to be his fault."

worm like robot attacking the character 1
atomic heart robotic twins standing at ease with their heads lurched forwards uncannily 1
Atomic Heart Combat In First Person 1
Atomic Heart shocking several robots with the polymer glove in a ruined theatre 1
Atomic Heart Review - A Weak Pulse

The glimpses of a good game that shine through are found deep in the pitfalls of modern game design

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