In Cult of the Lamb, the traits that your followers possess mean everything, and unfortunately, negative traits are easier to come by. Depending on the traits that specific followers are dealt, your cult may become easier or could turn into a difficult one to manage.

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Traits such as Cynical make it exceedingly difficult to level that particular follower up. Sloth is yet another negative trait, as the follower that obtains it works ten percent slower. Seeing a new follower appear in your cult is a joyous moment as you add another helper and believer to help push your cause forward. If that follower joins your cult with positive qualities your cult thrives and if your newly converter cult follower has any of the following traits, they are bound to help your cult persevere with their loyalty and hard work.


6/6 Naturally Obedient

Revealing the trait - Naturally Obedient

If your new member appears with the Naturally Obedient trait, they immediately gain ten faith. Faith is arguably the most valuable quality to manage across all of your followers. If your follower is faithful they are more resistant to turning on you. A faithful follower does as they are told and is entirely committed to progressing the cult's achievements.

Having a member start out instantly with plus ten faith makes for a true believer of the cult before they even have a place to sleep in it. That is an undeniably prominent trait as it kicks your follower off with great potential.

5/6 Materialistic

Revealing the follower trait - Materialistic

A Follower with the Materialistic trait gains faith as you build onto your cult. Grow your cult's potential by building sleeping huts, places to worship, as well as sanitation things such as an outhouse. When something is built inside the cult's grounds, the follower obtaining the Materialistic trait believes in the cause more. There are plenty of things to build in Cult of the Lamb, most of which you need in order to successfully proceed through the game.

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Seeing as you must build to progress and keep your followers, this makes the Materialistic trait incredibly valuable. Building and enhancing your cult is an inevitable thing. Why not have a follower gain faith as you do it?

4/6 Zealous

Paige rebelling the cult

If there were ever a time in Cult of the Lamb that you'd want to sacrifice one of your followers, or even somehow pull out a knife from behind your back and handle it right there in the middle of your grounds, it would be the act of a follower turning. When a follower loses faith, they promptly begin shouting the falsities of the cult. As they do so, if not handled forthwith, they begin to recruit other followers to their rebellion. If you have built a prison, you can send them there in an attempt to recover their faith, but If you are away from your cult fighting at the time, there is nothing you can do to prevent it.

If a follower is gifted with the Zealous trait, they will ignore any dissenter when they preach. They will also ignore any and all attempts at a rebellious nation. Therefore, remaining loyal to you.

3/6 Strong Constitution

Revealing the trait - Strong Constitution

One of the most frustrating things your followers can do is get sick. Of course, it is practical and even realistic, but it remains irritating when it happens nonetheless. When a follower falls sick they must rest. Resting to heal will typically work, however, it can take up to days for that follower to fully recover. Each follower plays a role in the progression and development of your cult. If one is out of commission for a few days - especially in the early days of the game where you may only have two or three followers - advancements are severely delayed.

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The more followers you have, the dirtier the land will be, causing more illness. With the Strong Constitution trait, however, your follower can recover much quicker. They could be back on their feet as soon as a couple of hours in one day. As they recover, they continue their part in pushing the cult forward.

2/6 Gullible

Follower Leveling Up

Having a gullible follower is exactly as it sounds. A member with the trait levels up 15 percent easier. This is an important trait to have because leveling up your followers helps with every aspect of the game. Leveling up your followers allows you to declare doctrines that give you access to new rituals. It equivalently raises their devotion to the cult. With greater devotion comes less resistance, and more points as you do your daily Sermons.

A follower with the Gullible trait will without a doubt be one of your most valuable assets. They will be a high-level follower that you can put anywhere in the cult as well as send them out in search of supplies with the certainty that they will almost always succeed in doing the task assigned. Leveling up your followers is essentially the best path to a strong cult. It sure helps to have the advantage of a follower who can level up 15 percent faster than most.

1/6 Faithful

Follower Details revealing the Faithful trait

The best trait to have in Cult of the Lamb is faithful. Possessing the trait generates devotion 15 percent faster. That is a colossal stat as faith is the main quality that keeps your cult afloat. As you progress through the game, you will certainly have a few followers that become skeptical of your cult and ultimately become nonbelievers. When this happens you can either sacrifice them or put them in jail.

A follower with immense faithfulness is going to take plenty of hardship and disappointment before turning on you. Furthermore, as the follower grows and lives on the land long enough, gaining 15 percent more faithfulness each time you do something significant essentially makes that particular follower impossible to disappoint.

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