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Cult of the Lamb is the ultimate farming simulator - with a hefty dose of eldritch horror to boot. Lead your followers through famine, pestilence, and a great many spooky rituals in order to defeat the heretics of the Old Faith and break free The One Who Waits.

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As well as fighting hordes of animalistic beasts and gods in the dungeon-crawler parts of the game, you'll be tasked with the complex role of providing for your flock, including building their beds, farming their crops, and cleaning up their poop. Here's everything you can craft in the game and where to find the blueprints.

All Blueprints: Darkwood, Anura, Anchordeep, And Silk Cradle

The lamb entering Darkwood in Cult Of The Lamb

All of these items can be found under the Decorations tab when you head to the Build table at your cult grounds. Unless specified, the blueprints for these items will randomly drop as you journey through the mentioned zone.


The cult grounds sit atop a diagonal grid, with each square corresponding to a floor tile. You can assign your followers to help build items that you have placed onto the grid, but most of them will hop to it as soon as you exit Build mode.

Some items, such as Gold Bars and Wooden Planks, require you to use a refiner. This can be unlocked using Devotion, allowing you to consecrate raw materials to build those bigger-ticket items.

Blueprint Zone Materials And Quantity
Farm Plot Sign Darkwood Lumber x2
Flower Barrow Darkwood Camellia Flowers x1, Grass x3
Stone Wall Darkwood Stone x1
Large Torch Darkwood Stone x2, Lumber x2
Hay Pile Darkwood Grass x2
Stone Flag Darkwood Stone x2
Leshy Trophy Darkwood Gold Bars x4, Camellia Flowers x8, Stone x3
Little Mushroom Anura Mushroom x2
Small Mushroom Candle Anura Mushroom x2
Mushroom Sculpture Anura Gold Bars x16, Mushroom x28
Mushroom Flag Anura Mushroom x1, Lumber x2
Stone Mushroom Anura Stone x3
Pumpkin Pile Anura Pumpkin x3
Carved Pumpkin Anura Pumpkin x1, Lumber x1
Heket Trophy Anura Gold Bars x4, Mushroom x8
Crystal Lamp Anchordeep Crystal Shard x2
Crystal Lantern Anchordeep Crystal Shard x3
Crystal Rock Anchordeep Crystal Shard x3
Crystal Statue Anchordeep Crystal Shard x4, Stone Slabs x2
Crystal Window Anchordeep Crystal Shard x2
Crystal Tree Anchordeep Crystal Shard x3, Lumber x3
Kallamar Trophy Anchordeep Gold Bars x4, Crystal Shard x8
Spider Silk Wall Silk Cradle Spider Silk x3
Giant Skull Silk Cradle Spider Silk x4
Spider Lantern Silk Cradle Spider Silk x2
Spider Pillar Silk Cradle Spider Silk x7
Spider Torch Silk Cradle Spider Silk x3
Web Crown Sculpture Silk Cradle Spider Silk x3
Shamura Trophy Silk Cradle Gold Bars x4, Spider Silk x8

The trophies for each of the Bishops, as well as the Mushroom Sculpture, can only be built once.

All General Blueprints In Cult Of The Lamb

Other blueprint locations in Cult of The Lamb

These items can be found for sale at Pilgrim's Passage, Midas's Cave, Spore Grotto, and as part of the Basic Decorations bundle which you can buy with Devotion points.

Although some special region-specific items can only be built once, all generic decorations can be built as many times as you like - just leave room to build beds for your legions of followers, and you'll be all set.

You'll note that the above doesn't mention floor tilings and pathways, all of which include:

  • Dirt Flooring
  • Hay Flooring
  • Lava Flooring
  • Cobblestone Flooring
  • Brick Flooring
  • Plank Flooring
  • Forest Flooring
  • Mosaic Flooring
  • Gold Flooring

Since floor tiles don't require any resources to craft, they aren't featured in the table below.

If you're not fond of the placement of a building or any decorations that you've placed on the cult grounds, you can delete or move structures later on from the building menu itself.

Blueprint Materials And Quantity
Wooden Lanterns Lumber x2
Bone Wall Bone x1
Flag Of The Crown Lumber x1, Grass x2
Ancient Stone Stone x1
Potted Bush Grass x3
Grass Wall Grass x1
Skull Candle Stone x1
Skeleton Crown Flag Bone x3
Bone Lantern Bone x3
Pile O'Skulls Bone x2
Bone Sculpture Bone x4
Twig Wall Lumber x1
Barrel Of Bones Bone x1, Lumber x1
Bone Arch Bone x4
Small Stone Candle Stone x2
Flower Arch Grass x8
Candle Barrel Lumber x1
Stone Candle Stone x1
Tree Stump Statue Lumber x3
Stonehenge Stone x2
Pond Stone x2
Leafy Flower Sculpture Grass x2
Leafy Lantern Grass x4
Lamb Flat Statue Stone x4
Wreath Grass x4
Crown Fountain Stone x5
Camellia Bed Camellia Flowers x2, Grass x5

By defeating secret mini-boss Rakshasa in a fight at his restaurant, you can unlock the secret extra decoration Massive Monster Shrine. Just look out for his shop icon while choosing your next dungeon room whilst out on a crusade - it looks like a small shack with some vegetables drawn beneath.

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