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So you’ve defeated (and indoctrinated…) Amdusias, Valefar, and Barbatos, now you must take on Leshy. Leshy is the first Heretic you will encounter in Cult Of The Lamb, and they are no pushover as a result. They are a Bishop of the Old Faith for a reason after all. Leshy would love nothing more than to see your life ended and your cult destroyed.

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Leshy is on a whole different level to the bosses you have fought up until now. He has way more attacks, is packing a larger health pool, and is generally a trickier foe to deal with. He isn’t unbeatable, however, and with a bit of preparation, Leshy will go down and you can harvest his organs - literally.


Leshy’s Attacks

Cult Of The Lamb Leshy emerging from his spike tunnel

Leshy is essentially a combination of Amdusias, Valefar, and Barbatos. He has very few unique attacks, and even then, most of those are just plays on attacks you’ve seen before. It’s almost like his underlings were preparing you for Leshy. With that in mind, you should already have the skills to overcome Leshy.

Attack Explanation Counter
Bury Leshy buries underground and travels to a new location. Whilst underground, Leshy is invulnerable. In addition, Leshy will leave a trail of spikes that will deal damage on contact. Simply move out of the way to avoid this. Walking works well enough, although rolling is safer.
Orb Spray Leshy lets out a volley of globules that coat a large portion of the arena. This attack is telegraphed, and the landing zone for each orb is clearly marked. Move to a safe area to avoid the attack. Walking is good enough for this.
Star Of Spikes Leshy unleashes a large star of spikes that erupt from the earth surrounding him. This attack takes up a large portion of the arena. Dodge away. This attack does not come out instantly, and instead, has a clear telegraph followed by a delay in the star fully emerging. Roll away and you should be fine.
Wave Of Spikes Leshy summons a ring of spikes around him and then pushes them out in an expanding wave. This attack is quite thick, but not thick enough to make rolling through it impossible. The attack moves slowly, so time your roll just when it is close and you will pass right through it.
Triple Head Slam Leshy rears back its head and slams it down three times. It always goes left, right, then centre. This attack is easy to avoid as it tends to come out after Leshy has used another attack. Since you are likely not near Leshy at this point, this attack is not a threat. What it does do, however, is prevent immediate counterattacks. Use Curses to damage Leshy during this attack and then move on once it is safe to do so.
Summon Minions Leshy will periodically summon minions to assist him in combat. These are all basic worm-like enemies you have fought before. These worms are incredibly disruptive, so the best way to counter this attack is to kill them as soon as they spawn.

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Weapons And Curses

Cult Of The Lamb Leshy being attacked by Lamb with an Axe


For your weapon, you want something that hits hard. Axes are excellent for this as they are slow, hit hard, and scale better than their nimbler counterparts when you pick up damage multipliers.

The reason a slower weapon is preferred is that you don’t have much time to attack Leshy before he moves away. Faster weapons, therefore, won’t be able to leverage their high Attack Speed as effectively, giving them a higher chance of having a lower DPS.

Slower weapons also work better when killing Leshy’s minions, as they will always jump away after they take one hit. This makes swords and especially daggers far less efficient than an axe.


For curses, you want range more than anything. You want to be able to hit Leshy from a safe distance - ideally during their Head Slam as they are very vulnerable and easy to hit. We also found that any kind of AOE works well here, especially those that hit multiple times. This is because Leshy has a huge body, allowing for each individual hit to deal damage.

Battle Strategy

Cult Of The Lamb, lamb holding Leshy's heart

In the early fight, Leshy is not dissimilar to the bosses you have fought before, and the strategies you employed there, work here as well. You want to attack Leshy after he jumps and after he attacks. The best time to deal damage is during his Orb Spray, as this attack is very easy to dodge, and you can attack Leshy repeatedly during the animation.

His Star Of Spikes and Wave Of Spikes attacks are a bit more awkward. For Star Of Spikes, simply fall back and then roll into range for a couple of hits before Leshy moves away. Wave Of Spikes should be dodged through ASAP, as Leshy will not move away until the attack is off-screen. The earlier you roll, the more damage you can inflict.

Leshy will attack more aggressively once he reaches 50 percent HP, and he will also start to use Head Slam to prevent counterattacks. Head Slam is very predictable, however, allowing you to move in for the attack providing you do it at the right time. Remember, this attack always goes left>right>centre. You could also use this opportunity to unleash some powerful ranged curses as Leshy is very vulnerable during this attack.

Leshy has a lot of attacks and quite a hefty pool of HP, but with a bit of patience you can take him out without much trouble. His attacks are large, bombastic, and flashy, but they are all fairly easy to spot, read, and dodge.

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