Cult Of The Lamb allows you to give your Followers gifts to keep them loyal. A longtime Follower whose loyalty has grown to high levels will not only provide more resources, but will also grant larger bonuses if when they are offered up in sacrifice!

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Normal gifts can raise a Follower's overall loyalty, but the best gifts - the five types of necklaces available in the game - will also grant the recipient a fraction of your power. Choosing the right cultists to receive these gifts can help your Flock thrive across generations.


5/5 Feather Necklace

spider with speed buff

A Follower wearing a Feather Necklace will move faster around the village. This allows them to carry out their duties more efficiently, and also reduces the time they need to do thinks like eat, sleep, and use an Outhouse. It's a very minor bonus compared to the other gifts, but a Feather Necklace isn't doing anything sitting in your inventory, so you may as well give it to a new recruit without any standout Traits.

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Feather Necklaces can help boost the efficiency of a poorly-laid-out village, so if you're not happy with your building placement speeding up a few Followers is a quick fix. It also allows the wearer to get back to work more quickly if you have to pull them aside for healing or prison time.

4/5 Flower Necklace

beetle with faith buff

On paper, the Flower Necklace is a useful piece of equipment. The wearer generates Devotion more quickly when praying at the Shrine, letting you unlock buildings that much faster. Give it to a cultist with the Faithful Trait to get a welcome boost to your overall Devotion income.

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Unless you're going to be camping out by the Shrine harvesting Devotion as it comes in, the Flower Necklace does most of its work while you're away on crusade. Crusades usually take long enough that your Shrine will reach maximum capacity before you return, leaving idle Followers with nothing to do until you get back. For this reason, the Flower Necklace is at its best when you can't spare many followers for Shrine duty, possibly after a plague or other disaster.

If a Follower dies of old age, illness, starvation, murder, or exhaustion, you can take their necklace back after preparing the body for burial. This will incur a minor Faith penalty but lets you pass the necklace on to someone else. Burying a Follower with their necklace keeps the survivors happy, but loses the item for good.

Followers who Ascend, are Sacrificed, or are killed in a Pit Fight cannot have their necklaces recovered.

3/5 Moon Necklace

cult of the lamb inspire dance

The faithful never tire, or so the Lamb would have the Flock believe. The truth is, your Followers still need to sleep every night and will become Exhausted if prevented from doing so. They also get cranky if their sleep is interrupted or they don't have sufficient accommodations, potentially leading to dissent among the cultists.

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A Follower wearing a Moon Necklace no longer needs to sleep, and will continue at their assigned duties throughout the night while the rest of the cultists slumber. This allows you to produce more resources overall and save on sleeping quarters. Avoid giving the Moon Necklace to a Slothful Follower, as they produce fifteen percent fewer resources and you won't get the most out of your precious gift.

Followers with a Moon Necklace can still become Exhausted after being possessed at a Demon Summoning Circle. If this happens, order them to sleep until they've recovered, since they won't do so on their own and could eventually die.

2/5 Nature's Necklace

nature's necklace harvest bonus

A Follower wearing this leafy piece of jewelry will harvest more material resources when chopping wood, mining stone, or harvesting crops. This makes the Nature's Necklace a great all-purpose gift. Giving it to a dedicated farmer is usually the best way to make use of Nature's Necklace, since the extra seeds can be used to expand your farm and advanced crops like Beetroots can be hard to come by.

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Nature's Necklace only affects harvested resources, so it won't affect the output of a Refinery if the wearer is set to work there. For best results, place a Propaganda Speaker next to the wearer's workplace. They'll work faster and produce more!

1/5 Skull Necklace

fox with life extension

High-level Followers are extremely valuable, but by the time they reach the upper echelons of loyalty they're probably about to enter Old Age and leave the workforce. The Skull Necklace grants the wearer an unnaturally long life, doubling a Follower's lifespan. This means they won't enter Old Age for a very long time, and will continue to level up over the course of their extended time with the Cult.

When you're lucky enough to happen upon a Skull Necklace, give it to your youngest Follower as long as they have decent Traits. This ensures that the wearer will be with your Flock for most of the game. Once you've unlocked the correct Doctrines, consider assigning the Skull Necklace's wearer the job of Tax Collector or Loyalty Officer to get the most possible value out of them.

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