Come all ye faithful; Cult of the Lamb has been making waves with its uniquely unnerving blend of cute farm animals and worship of Lovecraftian Gods. Build legions of loyal followers, play Knucklebones to make some coin, and hack your way through the Bishops of the Old Gods to free The One Who Waits.

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Equal parts farming simulator and roguelite, Cult of the Lamb has you gathering various items that can enhance each crusade run. Fleeces operate as armour of sorts, so we've ranked them in order of the best balance between buffs and penalties.


6/6 Fleece Of The Diseased Heart

The fleece of the diseased heart is one of the worst fleeces in Cult Of The Lamb

This fleece allows you to cause damage to your enemies whenever you yourself take damage. While this revenge damage sounds great on the tin, it does come at the cost of losing 100 percent of all items you've gathered on that quest.

Since you need to take damage to reap the benefits of this high-risk, high-reward item, the Fleece of the Diseased Heart comes in last place because it simply would be miserable for anyone that isn't a combat genius who can balance their hits dealt and taken in order to stay alive.

5/6 Fleece Of The Lamb

Fleece Of The Lamb is one of the fleeces in Cult Of The Lamb

This is the first fleece you start off with in Cult Of The Lamb. You won't need any talisman shards to unlock it, but this fleece has no benefits or penalties attached. It's not the most useful fleece, but there's nothing wrong with wanting to keep your crusades neutral.

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The best thing about this fleece is its snappy aesthetic that matches the blood-red clothing of your cult followers and makes you all look like one big happy family! Well, a happy family that willingly sacrifices itself for your benefit.

4/6 Fleece Of The Glass Cannon

The Fleece of the Glass Cannon is a mid tier fleece in Cult Of The Lamb

This sage green fleece grants you double the fervour for half the melee attack power. Fervour is what powers up your curse attacks, which are powerful secondary attacks that you are given at random at the start of each crusade. If you're a fan of ranged combat and prefer to keep your hands clean, this one might be a personal favourite for you.

However, since curses are assigned randomly, and there are infrequent opportunities to swap them out, you could be stuck with less-effective special attacks that you rely on for the duration of your run. If you're a fan of close hand-to-hand combat, you'll definitely want to leave this fleece on the rack until you've collected the other five.

3/6 Golden Fleece

The Golden Fleece is a good item in Cult of the Lamb

If you consider yourself a cunning fighter who's good at timing their hits, the Golden Fleece might be your thing. When wearing it, your damage to your enemies stacks up with every hit landed; however, you will take double damage if you yourself get hit and will lose all your stacked damage points.

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Those who are newer to roguelites should probably put a decent number of hours into the game before unlocking this item, as it serves you best once you're comfortable with the in-game mechanics. If you can predict enemies' moves accurately enough to dodge most of them, however, you'll have plenty of fun with the Golden Fleece.

2/6 Fleece Of Fragile Fortitude

The fleece of fragile fortitude is a good item in cult of the lamb

This fleece is a fun one because it alters the way you fight out on your crusades. Your replenishable red hearts are traded for one and a half times the amount of temporary blue hearts, meaning that once you run out, it's the end of the line for you.

Whilst using a health-leaching vampiric weapon might cause you to play it fast and loose, knowing that your days are literally numbered might make you rethink your strategy. With more planning involved in keeping your hearts intact as you fight through each realm, this fleece is sure to make you a combat champion without even realising it.

1/6 Fleece Of The Fates

The fleece of the fates is the best item in Cult Of The Lamb

The first fleece you should unlock in Cult of the Lamb is, without a doubt, the Fleece of the Fates. This snow-white robe allows you to draw four tarot cards at the very start of your crusade, meaning that you get to reap the benefits of these powerful boon tokens from the first chamber you enter.

Even the penalty is more of a bonus; since the fleece prevents you from drawing any more cards, you won't have the added hassle of back-tracking through chambers in search of the tarot reader. Hands down, the Fleece Of The Fates is the best of the bunch, and absolutely should not be overlooked if you're looking to bring the pain to the Bishops of the Old Gods.

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