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Being a cult leader Cult Of The Lamb is no easy feat. You have to indoctrinate followers, provide the bare essentials at camp, make sure they are constantly happy, and most importantly - ensure they are loyal. It’s not all spouses and ritual sacrifice, and sometimes, you have to put yourself out there and take matters into your own hands.

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After all, your patron is quite possibly Satan, and disappointing him is not exactly wise. When you are not culting, you are crusading, and the main focus of your crusades is to murder the four Bishops, and of course, their underlings. Darkwood is your first conquerable domain, and Amdusias, Valefar, and Barbatos are all blocking your progress.


How To Defeat Amdusias

Cult Of Lamb Leshy mutating Amdusias into a monster

Amdusias is the first boss you will fight in Darkwood, and they are by far the easiest. With a low health pool and a basic attack pattern, they aren’t difficult to figure out even on your first encounter.

Amdusias’s Attacks

Attack Explanation Counter
Charge Amdusias flashes white and then charges at you moving at a decent speed. When you see Amdusias flash white, all you have to do is dodge away. Amdusias will fly right on by and miss.
Orb Spray Amdusias fires green globules that cover parts of the arena. Their landing zones are marked. Because the damage zones are marked, it’s incredibly easy to avoid this attack - simply walk somewhere safe.
Minion Summon Amdusias pauses briefly and then summons in reinforcements. Amdusias' minions will get in your way more often than not, so put Amdusias on hold and dispatch his minions before continuing your assault.

Battle Strategy

To defeat Amdusias, all you have to do is attack when they are vulnerable and avoid their easily dodgeable attacks with a roll. Amdusias is vulnerable whenever they are not charging, so you can be very aggressive in this fight. Their pattern is so readable that you might even defeat them and not take any damage in return. Do remember to take out their minions, however.

How To Defeat Valefar

Cult Of Lamb Valefar circling arena

Valefar is a noticeable step up from Amdusias. Where Amdusias is quite the pushover, Valefar is more than happy to slap you around if you aren’t prepared for their nonsense. Still, Valefar is a low-level boss and they don’t have the health pool to survive a concentrated beating.

Valefar’s Attacks

Attack Explanation Counter
Jump Valefar jumps into the air and travels across the map dealing damage if it touches you. This is Valefar’s main form of mobility, and it’s pretty darn effective. Valefar will always use this attack after one of his other attacks, so be prepared to dodge out of the way to not get hit.
Ring Of Fire Valefar lets out a ring of fireballs that deal damage on contact. You are invulnerable during a roll, so simply time your roll and pass through them.
Fireball Spray Valefar fires out a line of fireballs and will rotate to track the player's movements. This attack is harder to avoid than Ring Of Fire, but not by much. Simply keep moving to the left or right of Valefar to outrun his fireballs.

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Battle Strategy

Valefar has a set pattern. They will always alternate between jumping and attacking, and his attacks will also alternate. So expect something like this:

Jump > Ring Of Fire > Jump > Fireball Spray - repeat.

You want to attack Valefar between his attacks and jumps. Rush up to Valefar after they Jump, and attack. Once they start gearing up for an attack, move back. If it is Ring Of Fire, immediately roll through the attack and start attacking. If it is Fireball Spray, run around Valefar and attack every few steps to ensure you stay ahead of their tracking.

One thing to note, however, is that Valefar increases in speed the more damaged they get. The strategy remains the same, you just need to react faster. Consider dropping the running attacks during Fireball Spray if you are getting hit. You can land a few hits after the attack stops instead.

How To Defeat Barbatos

Cult Of Lamb summing a star of spikes

Barbatos is the final non-Bishop boss of Darkwood and is about as challenging as Valefar. Barbatos is essentially a giant worm who loves to belch out poison and cause earthen spikes to erupt from the ground.

Barbatos’s Attacks

Attack Explanation Counter
Bury Barbatos buries underground and travels to a new location. As Barbatos travels, he leaves a trail of spikes which deal damage on contact. This is very similar to the other travel methods employed by Amdusias and Valefar. Simply move out of the way, and then follow Barbatos to his destination.
Orb Spray Barbatos’s pustules on his body glow green, and then he fires out a volley of green globules. This is very similar to Amdusias and can be avoided in the same way.
Star Of Spikes Barbatos fires out a short-ranged star of spikes in an AOE around them, dealing damage on contact. This attack is easy to spot as Barabtos’s pustules don’t glow green. If he is rearing up for this attack, back off and engage once the spikes dissipate.

Battle Strategy

Similar to Valefar, Barbatos tends to bury between their attacks. Thankfully, they are vulnerable once they re-emerge, letting you land some cheeky blows. From here, you need to watch his pustules. If they glow green, you are very likely to be safe as his Orb Spray doesn’t often land near him.

However, if Barbatos starts an attack and his pustules remain white, you need to back off immediately. Once the spikes vanish, you can roll back in for a few hits before they bury away again. Just be careful as Barbatos could bury straight through you, dealing damage from his spike trail. When in doubt, play it safe.

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