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Anura is a step up in difficulty across the board in Cult Of The Lamb. Not only are the rooms you will be battling through more cultured, but the enemies you will be fighting are tougher, faster, and trickier to deal with. Darkwood was a nice introduction; Anura is now testing you.

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This concept is carried over to the bosses, and every boss in Anura is substantially more difficult than the comparatively wet-noodlish villains of Darkwood. You are going to have to bring your A-Game, maybe upgrade your Cult, and heck, probably carry a big stick if you want to come out on top.

How To Defeat Gusion

Cult Of The Lamb Gusion boss entry

Gusion is the first boss of Anura, and they are quite the menace. Gusion is mobile, tough - appearances be damned. Not only that, but he has some tricks up his sleeve that can get out of hand if you don’t deal with them in a timely fashion.


Gusion’s Attacks

Attack Explanation Counter
Jump This is how Gusion gets around - he jumps to a new location, and on arrival, there is a damaging shockwave. This is probably the most annoying attack in Gusion’s arsenal since it can punish you for not moving fast enough AND for being overzealous when chasing him down. Dodge the jump and wait for the shockwave to subside before you engage.
Fireball Cluster Gusion belches out a cluster of slow-moving fireballs that slowly separate over time. This attack is easily avoided if you dodge to the side. It has a small hitbox on start-up, so if you are sticking to the side of Gusion, it will always miss.
Lay Egg Gusion will occasionally lay an egg. After a short delay, the egg will hatch and two frogs will spawn. You can destroy the egg if you are fast enough, however, due to Gusion’s sporadic jumping, this is not always possible. If you can’t destroy the egg, then shift your attention to the frogs before you continue to engage Gusion,

Battle Strategy

Gusion can be a pain due to his jumping. You can take a surprising amount of damage just by the shockwave alone if you aren’t careful, so the strategy is to be patient. Don’t get greedy with your combos and don’t chase him down as soon as he jumps away.

Outside of this, you need to deal with his minions. These are not difficult to kill, but you don’t want to find yourself overwhelmed - or even killed - by a horde of frogs.

We would recommend you use a slower weapon for this fight, as it is difficult to land repeated hits on Gusion due to his jumping. Axes are ideal.

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How To Defeat Eligos

Cult Of The Lamb Eligos boss reveal

Eligos is the second boss of Anura, and is far more aggressive than Gusion. Eligos is all about throwing themselves at you until you, or it dies. This gives Eligos’s fight a rhythm the other bosses in Anura simply don’t have.

Eligos’s Attacks

Attack Explanation Counter
Charge Eligos will flash white and then charge at you. Eligos will also leave two trails of fireballs that will expand outwards in opposite directions. This is Eligos’s main form of movement, and it will transport him across the arena in a single run. The charge itself is not hard to dodge, however, the fire trail can be if you time your dodge incorrectly. Try and dodge diagonally towards Eligos when avoiding the fireballs so you don’t overshoot your dodge and land in more fireballs.
Headbutt Eligos will flash white, and then quickly let out a headbutt. This attack has a bit of forward momentum, allowing Eligos to shift position slightly when using it. This attack is easy to dodge as all you have to do is dodge towards Eligos to avoid it. You can then start a combo whilst it recovers.
Swarm Of Flies Eligos lets out a large swarm of slow-moving flies that track the player. The flies Eligos sends after you can be killed in a single hit, although you may struggle with a smaller weapon. They also don’t last long before automatically dying. Either attack them or dodge around them and attack Eligos.

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Battle Strategy

Eligos has a set pattern during this fight. He will always attack in this order -

Charge > Headbutt - Swarm Of Flies

Eligos may be aggressive, and his kit might be annoying to deal with, but they are very predictable. This lets you attack and dodge in a rhythm, making this fight a cakewalk once you figure it out.

You want to attack between his attacks and then dodge the follow-up attack. Because of this, a slow weapon like an Axe is ideal. The Axe is also excellent for dealing with the flies Eligos likes to summon.

How To Defeat Zepar

Cult Of The Lamb Zepar summon

Zepar is the final boss before you face off against the Heretic of Anura. Zepar is also the most difficult of this trio of adversaries. Zepar is incredibly dangerous and can take you out pretty easily if you aren’t quick on your feet.

Zepar’s Attacks

Attack Explanation Counter
Jump Zepar, like Gusion, likes to jump around and be a nuisance. This attack leaves a damaging shockwave on landing. Timing your approach after Zepar jumps is incredibly important. Too early, and you will be hit by the shockwave. Too late, and you won’t have as much time to deal damage before it jumps away or launches another attack.
Summon Frogs Zepar will frequently summon frogs to attack you. These frogs are incredibly dangerous when put in with the rest of Zepar’s kit. Take them out as soon as you can so as to not be overwhelmed.
Exploding Flies - Cluster Zepar belches out a cluster of exploding flies. This attack covers a decent-sized area, however, the flies are an arcing projectile. This means their landing zone is marked, allowing you to move out of the way.
Exploding Flies - Line Zepar belches out a line of exploding flies. This attack is nearly identical to the last attack, however, instead of being in a cluster, the flies come out in a straight line. Dodge to the side, and keep attacking.
Exploding Fly - Single Zepar belches out a single exploding fly. This attack, despite being less bombastic than the others, is harder to dodge as a single marker on the arena is harder to spot than a cluster or line of them. Keep an eye out and dodge out of the way before it lands.

Battle Strategy

This battle is all about awareness. You need to keep an eye on everything at all times. Zepar’s shockwaves will clip you if you are not careful, his exploding flies can catch you off guard, and his stream of frogs will get in the way and distract you. You need to deal with all of it.

The best way to do that is to make sure you kill any minions as soon as possible and to keep moving. Zepar’s attacks are all AOE based, and most of them are slow-moving. If you are quick on your feet, it becomes much easier to avoid their attacks.

For weapons, axes are again your best bet. Zepar and his frog buddies move around too much, so faster weapons tend to lack DPS as your target leaps away before you can wrack up enough hits. An axe gets all of its damage out in a single swing or two, and this means you are dealing reliably high damage whenever you get the opportunity.

Zepar is vulnerable every time they try to summon exploding flies, so dodge the attack, and then counter.

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