We've known for a while that Death Stranding 2 is in development even if Hideo Kojima remains cagey about the details. That's thanks to Norman Reedus spilling the beans earlier in May in a move that saw the actor razzed for his indiscretion on Twitter.

Since then it's been considered an open secret that a Death Stranding sequel is on the way. Now that secret has opened up even more thanks to a new leak.

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In a report from Insider Gaming, ResetEra user Dusk Golem reveals Death Stranding 2 is in development under the internal codename "Ocean." Dusk Golem didn't say much else about the game but did hint that Kojima Productions might be less tied to Sony for future projects.

Death Stranding Mama Introduction

"Death Stranding 2 is in development (and for some insiders to know I’m not bullshitting about this in the future, its internal codename is Ocean)," wrote Dusk Golem, "but Kojima has had a long-standing deal with Sony on this, which is being analyzed if Sony and Kojima Productions should renew their contracts after DS2 or not at present, but was never in question before this due to a multi-game contract Sony and Kojima Productions have."

Golem also said that any rumors pointing at Death Stranding 2 being an Xbox title are "just false." Following Death Stranding 2, we'll find out whether Kojima Productions continues its relationship with Sony.

Kojima Productions was expected to release a game on Google Stadia, but Google reportedly canceled that game because it was "strictly a single-player experience." That game is thought to be Overdose, the rumored horror game said to be in development by Kojima Productions in collaboration with Xbox. That game will still likely be made, but it will lean further into Microsoft's cloud tech rather than Google's.

We know very little about Overdose other than it's said to star Margaret Qualley, the same actress who played Mama in Death Stranding. Overdose will be presented in third-person and will have at least one jump scare, according to leaked early game footage.

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