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The Dancer class in Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hope is a powerful class that makes a great addition to your army. The class has great support skills and is also fun to play.

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However, you can easily miss out on unlocking this class. The game gives no indication the class is in the game, so we've put together a guide that helps you get your hands on the Dancer class and who are the best candidates for it.

The Dancer Class

Dorothea As A Dancer Unit

The Dancer Class in Three Hopes is not a damaging powerhouse compared to the other classes in the game, but thanks to Rally Abilities the class is able to learn it is a great addition to your roster.


Rally Abilities take effect when the Dancer is the adjutant, and it boosts the stats of the leading character.

If you want to play as the damage-dealing Dancer, you should focus your build on equipping your sword with the weapon attributes Chain and Boost Consecutive Hits. Chain, which extends the time before the combo counter resets.

Boost Consecutive Hits increases your damage the higher the combo counter is. These two weapon attributes, along with an accessory that boosts critical damage, can see you deal tons of damage as a Dancer.

How To Unlock The Dancer Class

Fire Emblem Three Hopes Fodlan Map Outskirts of Leicester

When and what mission to unlock the Dancer class depends on which story path you choose at the beginning of the game. No matter the path, you have to complete a specific side mission and talk to a noblewoman NPC.

Scarlet Blaze

In the Scarlet Blaze storyline, following Edelgard and the Black Eagles, you are able to unlock the Dancer class in Chapter 12. The mission takes place in the Southwestern Hrym Territory, and is called A Disquieting Report.

Azure Gleam

For the Azure Gleam storyline, which follows Dimitri and the Blue Lions, the mission takes place in the Martyn Territory. The mission in the area is called Intel on the Imperial Army. The mission and territory become available in Chapter 12.

Golden Wildfire

As Clyde and the Golden Deers in the Golden Wildfire story path, you unlock the Dancer Class in Chapter 13. One chapter later than the other storylines, the mission takes place in the Northeastern Hrym Territory. The mission is called An Unsettling Report.

Best Dancer Candidates

Fire Emblem Three Hopes Class Choice Feature

Once you unlock the Dancer, you can switch to the class at the training grounds for any of the characters on your roster. Although some characters are better at the job than others. Byleth and Shea are good candidates for the class, but each house has a great option for the Dancer role.

Scarlet Blaze

For Scarlet Blaze, it should come as no surprise that Dorothea is the best Dancer. The singer has powerful unique passives to maximize her damage, as well as being a supportive member on the field. Her ability is Prismatic Resonance, where she has a chance to unleash elemental musical notes that explode when you attack the notes. This is an easy task for one with the mobility of the Dancer class.

Azure Gleam

In the Azure Gleam storyline, the best candidate for the Dancer class is Annette. She receives a unique Rally Ability as she levels up in the class. She has the best Rally Ability with Rally Deluxe, which boosts Strength, Speed, and Resistance when set as an adjutant to another character. So, while Annette is a powerful mage for the Blue Lions, she can also work as a great support unit for another character.

Golden Wildfire

For the Golden Wildfire playthrough, the best Dancer is Marianne. The suggested build of using Chain and Boost Consecutive Hits synergizes well with Marianne’s unique ability, Snowslip. This causes ice orbs to fall when you reach 300 hits, and deals more damage the high the hit amount.

Marianne may just be the best dancer in the game, because of her crest. The Crest of the Beast allows her to equip the Relic Weapon Blutgang. This can be found in Chapter 16 of Golden Wildfire, and adds the user's magic stat as attack damage.

Marianne has a great magic stat, so if you make her into a Dancer she can do some real damage.

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