God Of War Ragnarok's launch is a little more than a month away. Kratos will finally battle Thor in the sequel as was revealed in its tremendous new trailer. Some players are already looking beyond Ragnarok though and discussing if there might ever be a scenario in which the God of War will have to do battle with Jesus Christ.

The lively discussion was started on ResetEra by CaptainKashup. They've been playing 2018's God Of War for the first time and after noticing hints that Christianity exists in Kratos's world, they questioned whether a Jesus boss fight could ever be a part of the series. Their thought turned into a concrete belief after unearthing a tweet from Cory Barlog confirming the modern-day religion exists in God Of War.


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When asked if Christianity is another verse in the God Of War universe, the games' director replied, “it's part of the world, yes.” As for whether others believe Kratos will eventually slay Jesus, most are going with no. One reply doesn't believe there is any way the series will ever tackle any sort of modern-day religion, while others have quite rightly pointed out how controversial it would be to include a moment in which the player fights and potentially kills Jesus.

Christianity being explored in a future God Of War game and Jesus entering the fray doesn't mean he and Kratos will have to fight, of course. Other people have floated ideas in which Jesus, Kratos, and Atreus could work together. Even that would be a minefield, though. Including Jesus in a series as popular as God Of War is bound to stir up controversy, even if the Son of God is siding with the good guys.

Even without Jesus, Ragnarok promises to be a pretty massive game. Not only will it reportedly be twice as big as the previous title in the series, but all nine realms will be open for exploration. That includes Svartelheim, a realm that was previously locked shut by Odin that has already been shown off in 4K.

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