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If you're unfamiliar with JoJo's Bizarre Adventure, the jump from Phantom Blood to Battle Tendency can feel daunting. After all, this chapter skips a generation of Joestars, focusing on Jonathan Joestar’s grandson, Joseph.

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You can unlock a comprehensive Battle Tendency Glossary in JJBA: All-Star Battle R. However, you’ll have to get through two boss battles with Kars and Wamuu to access all the entries. Or, you can skip a trip to the Pillar Men Battlefield and read our collected glossary below!WARNING: This guide contains spoilers from JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Battle Tendency.


This guide is organized alphabetically into two sections. You can jump between each part in the Table of Contents.


Lisa Lisa attacks Joseph Joestar with her Hamon-infused scarf in Jojo's Bizarre Adventure: ASBR.


The scene of the chariot duel between Joseph and Wamuu. It's located at the Skeleton's Heel, a henge at the foot of Piz Bernina. In antiquity, it was a place for observing the heavens. Later, it was used as a battle arena.

Caesar Anthonio Zeppeli

A Hamon user, and grandson of Will A. Zeppeli. He does not take to the flighty Joseph at first, but warms to him once they fight Wamuu. Lisa Lisa (Elizabeth) is his mentor. He finally dies when fighting Wamuu, after he creates a blood Hamon bubble.


One of the Pillar Men, a heat user. He can control his rage by crying. Kills Loggs and is defeated by Joseph. He sends the Stone of Aja to Kars in Switzerland.

Joseph Joestar

Grandson of Jonathan Joestar, and a great tactician who can outfox his foes. In the final battle with the Pillar Men, he launches Kars into space using a volcanic eruption. He ends up back in New York as a realtor. Becomes User of the Stand Hermit Purple.


One of the Pillar Men, and a light-user. In pursuit of ultimate powers, he creates Stone Masks and sets out to find the Red Stone of Aja. He's beaten in battle with Lisa Lisa (Elizabeth) and Joseph, and launched into space by a volcanic eruption.

Lisa Lisa (Elizabeth)

She trains Caesar and Joseph in the ways of Hamon. Joseph's true mother, she falls victim to Kars' deception, but is saved by Joseph. Later, she moves to the US, where she marries a Hollywood screenwriter.


Esidisi activates Heat Control during a battle at the Pillar Man Battlefield in JoJo's Bizarre Adventure ASBR.

Meshina And Loggs

Two servants at Lisa Lisa (Elizabeth)'s residence, as well as assistant Hamon instructors. Loggs is killed by Esidisi while waiting for Joseph at the final training ground. Though Meshina survives Wamuu severing his left arm, he is unable to participate in the showdown.

Pillar Men

The mightiest of all living creatures, susceptible only to sunlight and Hamon. They are: Kars, Esidisi, Wamuu, and Santviento (whose real name is not known). They feed on vampires, using the energy to stay alive for tens of thousands of years.

Red Stone Of Aja

A red gem that traps light inside it before firing it like a laser. Once owned by a Roman Emperor, this so-called "Super Aja" grants the Pillar Men the ability to become the "Ultimate Thing."

Rudol von Stroheim

A German army officer who is the commander of a secret base in Mexico. Though proud and a little goofy, he is eminently likeable. He appears to die fighting Santviento, but returns as a cyborg powerful enough to faze even the mighty Kars.

Speedwagon Foundation

Speedwagon sets this up once he becomes a multi-millionaire to carry out medical research and protect wild flora and fauna. Its HQ is in Dallas, Texas, but it has offices worldwide, including one in Tokyo.


One of the Pillar Men. A wind-user so powerful he has been dubbed a combat genius. He defeats Caesar, but out of respect for his combat skills, lets his blood bubble go. Later, after a ferocious battle with Joseph, he is defeated.

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