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If you assumed Diamond Is Unbreakable would be more digestible since it takes place in a small Japanese hamlet, think again! The fourth arc of JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure is like one giant sitcom, with an ensemble cast so big you would think it’s Cheers.

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Thankfully, All-Star Battle R includes a JoJo Glossary that lists many of Morioh’s residents and their Stands’ abilities. However, these entries are locked until you defeat Yoshikage Kira and his enhanced alias, Kosaku Kawajiri, in All-Star Battle Mode. But, if you’d rather not have a “Heart Attack,” we transcribed the glossary’s content below!


WARNING: This guide contains spoilers from JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Diamond Is Unbreakable.

We alphabetically organized this guide into four sections. You can jump through these sections via the Table of Contents.


An unobstructed view of the famous Cape Boingy-Boing in JoJo's Bizarre Adventure ASBR.

Akira Otoishi

Stand: Chili Pepper. A budding young rock guitarist. He steals the "Bow and Arrow" and half-heartedly starts experimenting with Stands. He's retired after losing to Josuke Higashikata and Okuyasu, ending up in jail for theft.

Bow And Arrow

Those hit by these Arrows may develop Stand abilities, or may be killed if they do not possess the right qualities. The arrowheads are fashioned from fragments of a meteorite that hit the Earth millions of years ago.

Cape Boingy-Boing

The cliffside where Koichi and Yukako fought. It's famous for the urban legend about a young woman who jumped to her death, only to be bounced gently along the rocks below with a boing. Located in the northeastern part of Morioh Town.

Chili Pepper

Akira Otoishi's Stand that can manipulate electricity and travel at high speed through outlets and along power lines. It is a remote Stand that becomes more and more powerful as it absorbs charge.

Deadly Queen

Yoshikage Kira's Stand that turns objects it touches into bombs. Its left hand forms the autonomous, heat-seeking Heart Attack missile. In the latter half of the story, the Stand develops Bites the Dust, which can blow up time itself.


Josuke and Shining Diamond face down an opponent in Morioh Town in JoJo's Bizarre Adventure ASBR.

The Hand

Okuyasu Nijimura's Stand that can erase the space occupied by whatever its right hand grabs. The resulting void closes up, therby creating the effect of instantaneous movement. No one, not even Okuyasu, knows where the erased objects go.


Shigekiyo Yangu's Stand. Its body is made up of 500 units and can harvest things with ease. Each unit is weak, but they exhibit power when swarming enemies. Damaging a single unit will still not harm the host.

Hayato Kawajiri

A schoolboy, and son of Kosaku Kawajiri. He realizes his father is Yoshikage Kira in disguise. He battles against Kira even as he is suffering at the hands of Bites the Dust.

Heaven's Door

Rohan Kishibe's Stand, able to turn anything into a book and read all its innermost thoughts and history. By writing in the margins, he can control his targets, even rewriting events of their past.

Josuke Higashikata 4

User of the Stand Shining Diamond and the secret son of Joseph Joestar. A punk with a gentle streak, except when someone insults his hair. In the end he battles Yoshikage Kira posing as Kosaku Kawajiri, successfully overpowering him.

Jotaro Kujo (Part 4)

User of the Stand Star Platinum. He came to Morioh to meet Josuke Higashikata, Joseph's secret son. He is a marine biologist and spent his spare time in Morioh writing "On Starfish" for his doctorate.

Ken Oyanagi

Stand: Boys Man Man. A rock, paper, scissors fanatic whose character grows as he pursues Rohan Kishibe. Though he is defeated in the end, Rohan admires his mettle and doesn't retire him.

Kira Estate

The home of Yoshikage Kira. Josuke Higashikata and company visit the place in pursuit of Kira, only to discover another Bow and Arrow, different than the one belonging to Keicho Nijimura.

Koichi Hirose

User of the Stand Reverb and one of Josuke Higashikata's classmates. Weak and unreliable at first, he slowly earns the trust of his friends, and even some enemy Stand users. Yukako Yamagishi's affections for him are eventually reciprocated.

Kosaku Kawajiri

Actually Yoshikage Kira disguised as businessman Kosaku Kawajiri, in whom is awakened the time-resetting ability, Bites the Dust. Kawajiri's son Hayato brings him up against Josuke Higashikata and company, and in the end he's run over by an ambulance, then dragged into the forbidden alley with his Stand.

Love Deluxe

Yukako Yamagishi's Stand. It allows her to control her hair like a limb. It can extend the hair to cover a building or make it strong enough to break glass. Damage turns it grey.

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Rohan ponders what to write with Heaven's Door in JoJo's Bizarre Adventure ASBR.

Mikitaka Hazekura

User of the Stand Terra Ventus, about which little is known. An alien from the Magellanic Clouds, he's more accurately called Nu Mikitakazo Nshi. He can alter his own form and morph into a variety of different shapes.

Morioh Town

The home of Josuke Higashikata and company, with many famous landmarks. Josuke and his friends pursue serial killer Yoshikage Kira, who is at large in the town, eventually seeing him off with their hearts of gold. A town of the same name appears in Part 8.

Okuyasu Nijimura

User of the Stand The Hand, he is a classmate of Josuke Higashikata with a simple but violent nature. He always relied on his brother Keicho to make decisions, so after he is killed by Chili Pepper, Okuyasu teams up with Josuke and Koichi.

Reimi Sugimoto

The ghost of a sixteen-year-old girl from an unmapped street in Morioh Town. As Yoshikage Kira's first victim, she haunts this world to warn others of the danger he poses. After the killer is defeated, Reimi and her beloved dog find peace.

Reverb Acts 1-3

Koichi Hirose's Stand, first revealing itself fighting Tamami. Reverb evolves with Koichi, initially taking an insectoid form and gradually becoming more human. Acts 1 and 2's skills are sound-based, while Act 3 makes the opponent heavier.

Rohan Kishibe

Stand: Heaven's Door. A popular manga artist from Morioh Town whose acclaimed "Pink Dark Boy" series has been running since he was sixteen. His sole focus is manga, and he'll do anything to make his stories more fun.


Yukako Yamagishi charges forward with all of her rage in JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: ASBR.

Shigekiyo Yangu

User of the Stand Harvest. He often goes by the nickname "Shigechi." Greedy, but not entirely unlikable. He is killed by Yoshikage Kira after taking Kira's button to Josuke Higashikata.

Shining Diamond

Josuke Higashikata 4's Stand, capable of healing wounds and fixing damaged objects. It is a close-quarters powerhouse of exceptional speed. Josuke becomes enraged whenever someone mocks his haircut, giving his Stand even greater power.

Stray Cat

A life-form created when a cat is shot by an Arrow in the Kawajiri family's garden. This is witnessed by Yoshikage Kira, posing as the father of the family. He nurtures it in the attic and discovers its air manipulating abilities.

Tamami Kobayashi

Stand: The Lock. He blackmails Koichi and his family, but once Koichi realizes what the Stand's ability is, he turns the tables on Tamami. They later become friends, and Tamami tells Josuke Higashikata and Koichi about Toshikazu Hazamada.

Terunosuke Miyamoto

User of the Stand Misterioso, he is obsessed with observing fear in people. He captures Josuke Higashikata's mother and Koichi and seals Josuke Higashikata in paper, but is beaten when Yuya Fungami takes action. Then he is "booked" by Josuke Higashikata in Morioh Library.

Tonio Trendy

User of the Stand Pole Jam and poprietor of the Italian eatery, Trattoria Trussardi. He lives to cook, and to cook well. He is kind, but his hygiene obsession drives him into a rage if anyone sullies his kitchen.

Toshikazu Hazamada

User of the Stand Show Off, with an obsequious, yet treacherous nature. He is sympathetic to Akira Otoishi, and attacks Josuke Higashikata, but is beaten. Later he develops a one-sided friendship with Koichi Hirose.

Yoshihiro Kira

Stand: Heart Father. He is Yoshikage Kira's father and a ghost. He supports his son in the final showdown, but Josuke Higashikata's quick thinking sees him blown to bits by one of Deadly Queen's bombs.

Yoshikage Kira

Stand: Deadly Queen. A serial killer disguised as an office worker, he kills Shigekiyo Yangu and later kills Kosaku Kawajiri and takes over his body.

Yukako Yamagishi

User of the Stand Love Deluxe. While beautiful and talented, she can also be self-centered and rash. Koichi was the victim of her attentions for a while, but the two end up a true couple.

Yuya Fungami

User of the Stand Highway Go Go. He defeats Rohan to help cure his injuries faster, then Josuke Higashikata completely heals him before pummeling him again. Later on they join up against Misterioso, and Yuya brings about victory, inspired by friendship with Josuke Higashikata.

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