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JoJo's Bizarre Adventure is a multi-generational story spanning over a hundred years. And if you wish to understand the foundation of the Joestar/Dio feud, you'll have to read the manga's first arc, Phantom Blood. However, if you're looking for a CliffsNotes version of the story, you can read through the JoJo Glossary in JJBA: All-Star Battle R.

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The first part of the JoJo Glossary unlocks after you clear the Phantom Blood boss battle against Dio Brando in All-Star Battle Mode. However, if you wish to skip the hassle, we dictated the glossary's contents for you in this guide. So, you don't have to be an archaeologist like Jonathan Joestar to know your early JoJo history!


WARNING: This guide contains spoilers from JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Phantom Blood.

This guide is organized alphabetically into two sections. You can jump between each part in the Table of Contents.


Dio Brando drains H.H. Gauge from Jonathan Joestar during a battle inside Dio's Castle in JoJo's Bizarre Adventure ASBR.

Dio Brando

A man who uses the Stone Mask's power to turn into a vampire. He plans to conquer the world, but is beaten by Hamon-user Jonathan. His severed head attacks Jonathan and mortally wounds him, but he sinks to the bottom of the ocean when Jonathan blows up the boat.

Dio's Castle

Dio's home, situated next to the town of Wind Knights Lot, where the final battle unfurls between Jonathan and Dio.


A Hamon user who shows up to support Zeppeli. Uses a Thunder Split Attack to test Jonathan, and later the Cross version of Dio, but is beaten both times. Though Dio's Vaporizing Freeze technique kills him, he manages to show Jonathan how to beat Dio.

George Joestar

A british aristocrat who is Jonathan's father. Honorable, kind, and gentle in nature, he takes in Dio, son of swindler Dario Brando, and gives him a home. In the end, however, he dies protecting his son from a dagger-wielding Dio.


A technique whereby the energy of life is accumulated in the practitioner's blood by breathing in a special way. In the East, it is known as Sendo. This "life energy" is much like rays of sunlight, and harms vampires and Pillar Men.

Jonathan Joestar

A noble British gentleman who learns Hamon breathing from Will A. Zeppeli in order to defeat Dio, who has unlocked the power of the Stone Mask. Though he defeats him in the end, Dio returns to kill Jonathan while he is on his honeymoon.


Will A. Zeppeli sends ripples of Hamon through Dio's Castle in Jojo's Bizarre Adventure: ASBR.

Robert E.O. Speedwagon

A fiery but friendly busybody who first battles Jonathan in a London slum. Jonathan is drawn to his upstanding ways, and the pair become great friends. Speedwagon comes into wealth from oil, and he goes on to make the Speedwagon Foundation.

Stone Mask

A mask used in sacrificial Aztec ceremonies. When touched by blood, it shoots out a mass of bone spicules that stimulate the victim's brain, causing a vampiric transformation.

Wang Chan

A Chinese man with a shop in a London slum who sells poison to Dio. He is caught scavenging after the Joestar mansion fire by Dio, who turns him into a zombie. When he later attacks Jonathan on a ship, the Hamon energy in him causes a massive explosion.

Will A. Zeppeli

Jonathan's Hamon instructor. He passed on his skills to Jonathan in order to defeat Dio. Fatally wounded after fighting Tarukus, he transferred his life force to his pupil via Deep Pass Overdrive.

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