Loki is the first Disney Plus show to officially get a second season and don't worry, you'll find no finale spoilers here.

The season finale of Loki has officially hit Disney Plus and with it, what appears to be the objective favorite out of the three MCU shows so far comes to an end. However, it hasn't come to an end for good. As revealed during the credits of Loki's final episode, again don't panic there are no spoilers coming, the hit show has already been renewed for season two.

A close-up of some TVA paperwork shows a stamp that reads “Loki will return for season 2,” confirming that the MCU isn't done with the God of Mischief or his variants just yet. Be warned, although this article won't discuss Loki's finale, from this point on elements of the first five episodes will be mentioned.


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Loki has followed the demigod after which its named following his pilfering of the Tesseract which resulted in the sacred timeline being disrupted. Loki was subsequently taken to the TVA, an organization tasked with making sure the sacred timeline remains undisturbed and pruning anyone who dares to disrupt that harmony. Needless to say, the TVA's attempts to work with and then get rid of Loki have resulted in more chaos than harmony.

sylvie loki
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Not only have MCU fans been treated to so much more of Loki than ever before during this series, but they've also been introduced to multiple forms of Tom Hiddlestone's Marvel character. Classic Loki, child Loki, and yes, even an alligator Loki. The most welcome introduction of all has been Sylvie, a female version of Loki who is just as much trouble as the original. Here's hoping she survives the season finale and makes it into season two, and maybe even other MCU projects.

Speaking of which, the delays brought about by the pandemic have resulted in 2021 being a jam-packed year for the MCU. Black Widow finally hit theaters and Disney Plus last week, next up is Shang-Chi, then Eternals, and Spider-Man: No Way Home before the end of the year. Not to mention What If? On Disney Plus next month, as well as Ms. Marvel and Hawkeye if all goes to plan.

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