Metal: Hellsinger launched earlier this month, giving you the chance to slay demons in hell to the tune of some killer metal tracks. Sounds perfect, but The Outsiders knew it wouldn't be long until people wanted to start adding soundtracks of their own. That's why the studio has already created official modding tools for the game which are available right now.

The Outsiders have demonstrated just how different Metal: Hellsinger can become when you completely change the song you're slaying to. Appropriately retitled Jazz: Hellsinger for the purpose of revealing the good news, the clip below features a catchy jazz number in place of the music performed by the likes of Serj Tanken and Matt Heafy that players will have become accustomed to.


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The key here is to make sure the music still lines up with what will score you big bonuses and multipliers on screen, otherwise it defeats the aim of the game. As you can see, the player is blowing demons to bits to the beat of that smooth jazz, and weirdly, it works. If you play Metal: Hellsinger on PC, you can try it for yourself, and there's a handy guide on what to do, and what not to do, on the Hellsinger website.

You'll need to download FMOD Studio, and then the 400MB Metal: Hellsinger package which includes a modding tutorial. There's a link to that tutorial, or a pdf if you'd prefer, on the site. The modding FAQ also highlights that the songs you add to the game will need a fixed BPM. If that isn't the case, the songs won't work as intended. As already touched on, if you can't kill demons to the beat, then there isn't really much point.

Cue Metal: Hellsinger players testing the waters with just about every song you can imagine. While the game has been reserved for metal tracks so far, you'll likely be seeing people venturing through hell and improving on their high scores to the likes of Sting, Katy Perry, and Britney Spears by the weekend at the very latest. Not to mention the Sweet Home Alabama mod someone managed to implement before the official tools had even been made available.

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