As the number of Pokemon created creeps towards 1000, arguments over which are the very best continue to get more heated. One of the many subsects of the best Pokemon debate revolves around the best legendary. That argument was settled this week, and it was determined that Rayquaza is the best legendary Pokemon of all time.

That reveal will have undoubtedly led to some of you throwing things at your laptops and phones while you yell in protest like an MP in the Houses of Parliament. Well, you can whine all you want, the numbers don't lie. Twitter account Out of Context Pokemon ran a tournament that began with 64 different legendary Pokemon, and by the time all was said and done, Rayquaza was the last one standing.


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Out of Context Pokemon ran a series of Twitter polls over a number of days, and while it isn't officially affiliated with The Pokemon Company, the polls pulled a lot of numbers. More than 93,000 votes were cast during the final, and unfortunately for Mewtwo fans, the defeated finalist didn't even come close to challenging for the crown. 63.6 percent of voters picked Rayquaza as the best legendary Pokemon, with the gen three Pokemon beating other heavy hitters like Ho-Oh and Victini along the way.

Other Pokemon that made it pretty deep into the bracket include Lugia, Suicune, and Arceus, a legendary that likely had its stock boosted by Pokemon: Legends. Unlike the bracket to determine the best starter, the legendary tournament doesn't appear to have included new Pokemon introduced via Scarlet & Violet. Possibly because their legendary status hasn't been confirmed yet.

The new games' legendaries appear to double as bikes that trainers can ride from the very start of the game. If accurate, that will fly in the face of standard practice as legendary Pokemon aren't usually revealed until near the end of a game. Since Scarlet & Violet will be open world and not feature a linear path, access to legendaries whenever a trainer deems it to be the right time would certainly add up.

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