Welcome to the Hello Kitty Cafe! This official Hello Kitty game is a brand-new Roblox experience designed around running your own adorable cafe in a super-cute Hello Kitty world. If you love Hello Kitty, then you'll love this simulation game.

You'll meet all your favorite characters and get to build a cafe of your own. This game is brand-new and currently really popular on the platform, so make sure to check back for new codes when they are added!

We updated all of these codes on October 1st.

All My Hello Kitty Cafe Codes

Code Reward Active/Expired
LIKEKITTYXR2 Receive 3 Gacha Tix Active
SMALLGIFT Receive a 100 Million Visits Photo Active
LIKEKITTYHL2 Receive 3 Gacha Tix Active
R6P8GM5KH2KC Free Father's Day Card! Expired
LIKEKITTYXK2 Pompompurin Mascot! Active
PDABP62 Receive a Gacha Tix Expired
thankyou Receive 300 Diamonds Active
LIKEKITTYAD2 Receive A Sunflower Active
LIKEKITTYBD2 Receive 100 Diamonds Active
LIKEKITTYCD2 Receive A Gacha Tix Active
LIKEKITTYDD2 Receive An Artistic Waffle Active
LIKEKITTYED2 Receive 300 Diamonds Active
LIKEKITTYFD2 Receive 3 Gacha Tix Active
LIKEKITTYGD2 Receive 3 Gacha Tix Active
LIKEKITTYKD2 Receive 3 Gacha Tix Active
LIKEKITTYQD2 Receive A Pompompurin Photo Active
C9UTE2BUN0NY Receive A Gacha Tix Active

All Roblox codes are case-sensitive - this means you need to add them exactly as you see them above! Codes can also only be redeemed a single time. Make sure to check back regularly to see if any new codes have been added.


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How To Redeem Codes In Hello Kitty Cafe

It's easy to redeem codes in Hello Kitty! Just follow these steps.

  • Open up the game
  • You need to finish the tutorial first
  • Click on the Gear icon at the top of the screen
  • Click Code on the left side
  • Enter the Code and click REDEEM
  • Enjoy!

What Is Hello Kitty Cafe?

Hello Kitty Cafe is currently one of the most popular Roblox games - it was only just released, and it already has tens of thousands of players. Why? Because it's one of the best simulator games out there. You can run your own coffee truck, dessert cafe, and coffee shop, with loads of different unlocks - including staff, cosmetics, and new items to serve!

The game is likely to be updated a lot as it has a dedicated development team and is an official Hello Kitty product!

  • How do you upgrade your cafe in Hello Kitty cafe? It's pretty simple - you just need to spend coins and earn popularity!
  • How do you get the free items in Hello Kitty Cafe? Check out our promo code list here to find out what new items have been added to this experience, and other experiences.

Latest Update

The latest update added the "Wish Me Mell" event as well as a bunch of new items and even a few new costumes. Unfortunately, this event has concluded.

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  • Official community Discord server
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