We've got Weapon Fighting Simulator codes for this all-new simulation and fighting game in Roblox, currently right at the top of the charts for brand-new games on the platform. Weapon Fighting lets you wield loads of powerful weapons, collect pets, explore worlds, and have fun with your friends. As well as weapons, you can unleash powerful spells and boosts (by using these codes) to give you the upper hand in the intense combat. Conquer bosses, explore new lands, become the best!

We check these codes ourselves regularly, and there are currently LOADS of active codes!

We checked these codes on October 3.

All Weapon Fighting Simulator Codes

Here are all the working codes in October.

Code Reward Active/Expired
hardtrail Boosts Active (NEW CODE)
map22 Boosts Active (NEW CODE)
newbuff Key and boosts Active (NEW CODE)
visits250m Boosts Active (NEW CODE)
map21 Free boosts Active
l325k Free boosts Active
popsicle Free boosts Active
map20 Free boosts inbound! Active
timetrial Free boosts Active
map19 Free boosts Active
lk300k Free boosts Active
map18 Free boosts Active
welcome Free boosts Active
happyday Free boosts Active
weaponfighting Free boosts ​​​​​​​Active
goodluck Free boosts ​​​​​​​Active
batoidea Free boosts Expired
fighting Free boosts Expired
likes275k Free boosts Expired
likes275k Free boosts Expired
map16 Free boosts Expired
banshies - Expired
map15 - Expired
sword - Expired
tradespar - Expired
map14 - Expired
likes_225K - Expired
map13 - Expired
map12 - Expired

We check back and update these regularly. The game is currently getting really popular, so new codes will be added more often. Remember, Roblox codes are case-sensitive - this means you need to enter them exactly how you see them above.


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How To Redeem Codes In Weapon Fighting Simulator

It's really easy to redeem codes in Weapon Fighting Simulator.

  • Click the gear icon on the left side menu.
  • A new window pops open.
  • Type the code into the box. Easy!

If your WFS code doesn't work, it's because you've entered it incorrectly, or it has expired. You need to copy and paste directly from our list and make sure to check back regularly for new codes when they are added.

What Are Weapon Fighting Simulator Codes?

Codes for WFS are rewards given out by Lightning Dragon Studio, the team behind the game. They are typically dropped when there is a new update (new maps, new weapons, etc), and can be redeemed for free boosts to your weapon damage and other things, like luck!

How To Get More Weapon Fighting Codes

We check for new drops, so you don't have to! However, if you want to hunt for codes on your own, the best way to check for new updates and codes is to follow the Twitter account here or visit the community Discord for extra sneak peeks and info.

What Is Weapon Fighting Simulator?

Weapon Fighting Simulator is a brand-new Roblox game that is getting really popular. It's currently one of the most played games on the platform. You get an arsenal of weapons to choose from and have to fight against bosses and enemies. Level up your character with different artifacts and rare weapons to become the most powerful on the server. The game is still new, but it's already received its second update - this added a new world, some new artifacts, as well as a bounty and achievement system.

Latest Weapon Fighting Simulator Update

The latest update is number 30, you can check out the official notes below to find out more about it! To find out even more, visit the official page here.

  • Time Trial achievements now available in the game
  • New Extra Weapon 3 achievement added
  • Trading records now available for last 10 trades you completed
  • You can open a boss in a hardmode trial up to 5 times
  • More waves in Defense Mode (all the way up to 50)
  • New codes added!

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