It seems yet another Sony exclusive is coming to PC. The potential next up in an increasingly large series of titles is none other than Sackboy: A Big Adventure, spotted on the Steam database.

As reported by VGC, this PC port was suspected as early as last October due to a listing with references to Marmalade, a codename used for the game. Now, an icon of Sackboy himself has been added to the listing that all but confirms the port is coming.

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VGC also reports that the listing added language support today, often one of the final touches before a game goes live, meaning a proper announcement could soon be on the way.

This likely listing seems like part of Sony's plans to enter into the PC market. Earlier this year, the company announced it was looking to have half of its library on mobile and PC by 2025. Lots of Sony's first-party, triple-A releases have been ported to PC recently, such as Spider-Man, God of War, and soon, The Last of Us Part 1.


In the files for Spider-Man on PC, glimpses of a PlayStation launcher were discovered. We have more than enough launchers, but it shows Sony is serious about getting its library to as many people as possible. It even has a PlayStation games for PC website up now.

Sony isn't just putting its games onto PC though, it's also making sure PC players are kitted out with new gear. It has created a new line of gaming hardware specifically for PC players, called Inzone.

Also coming from PlayStation to PC is Uncharted: Legacy of Thieves Collection, launching October 19 with ultrawide monitor support.

In other news, Rockstar confirmed that the recent GTA 6 leak was indeed the result of an illegal hack. The company released a statement confirming the validity of the unprecedented leak but assuring fans it would have no impact on the development of the upcoming GTA 6. It is rumoured to be the work of a 16-year-old hacker.

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