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As you play through the story campaign of Saints Row 2022, you will unlock the ability to collect different signs, statues, and items all around the map with the help of the Camera App on your mobile phone. These collectibles will then be used as decorations for your headquarters.

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The collectibles are divided into four types: Small, Medium, Large, and Wall collectibles. The division of the collectibles is according to their sizes. In this guide, we will cover all the Small Collectibles and provide you with the exact locations of each of the small collectibles on the map.

Small Collectibles Locations

Saints Row All Small Collectibles Locations

There are a total of 29 Small Collectibles that you can collect in Saints Row. You will find 22 small collectibles scattered around Santo Ileso and the other seven after completing certain Story Missions and Criminal Ventures.


Below, you will find a complete description of how to get all Small Collectibles:

Small Collectible 1 - Anchor Sculpture

Saints Row Anchor Sculpture Small Collectible

Head to the La Playa Resort in Marina West. On the backside of the resort will be a dock. You will find the sculpture on the dock.

Take out your mobile and open the Camera App. Snap a picture of the sculpture to collect it.

Small Collectible 2 - Ancient Vase

Saints Row Ancient Vase Small Collectible

Head to the southeast side of the Badlands North district and look for a "keep out" sign. Behind the sign will be a blue trailer. Go to the trailer and look for the vase next to the trash bags.

Collect the Ancient Vase by taking a picture of it.

Small Collectible 3 - Cabbit

Saints Row Cabbit Small Collectible

On the north side of Old Town East, look for the U-Store storage units opposite the Friendly Fire Weapon Store. Inside one of the storage units will be the collectible you're looking for.

Small Collectible 4 - Cactus Flower

Saints Row Cactus Flower Small Collectible

Enter the Plaza de Verano park in the Mercado district. Head into the middle of the park to spot the Cactus Flower on the ground.

Small Collectible 5 - Cactus Santa

Saints Row Cactus Santa Small Collectible

Make your way towards the southwest side of Rojas Desert South and look for a red radio tower. Besides the radio tower, you will find the giant Cactus Santa.

Small Collectible 6 - Centerpiece Bowl

Saints Row Centerpiece Bowl Small Collectible

Go to the island in the middle of Lake Sabastian and enter the warehouse with tons of wooden barrels inside. The collectible will be on top of one of the barrels.

Small Collectible 7 - Classy Flamingo

Saints Row Classy Flamingo Small Collectible

It is found in front of House Number 217 on the southwest side of the West Providencia district. The house is behind Jimrob's Garage.

Small Collectible 8 - Golden Shitter

Saints Row Golden Shitter Small Collectible

Golden Shitter is a toilet collectible that you will find beside a trash pile in one of the houses on the southeast side of East Providencia. There will be cars parked in the area and a part of a train inside the junkyard.

Small Collectible 9 - Helm

Saints Row Helm Small Collectible

Head to the left side of Mercado on the map near the lake. You will find it on the dock under a pergola.

Small Collectible 10 - Marble

Saints Row Marble Small Collectible

Head to the southeast side of the Monte Vista district and look for the mansion with a helipad.

You will see a giant marble at the entrance of the mansion.

Small Collectible 11 - Model Plane

Saints Row Model Plane Small Collectible

You will see the debris of a plane on the southwest side of the map in Badlands South. It is inside a small lake near the Starmadillo Clothing Store.

Small Collectible 12 - Oversized Bullet

Saints Row Oversized Bullet Small Collectible

It is found near the southern shore of Lakeshore North. When you pass the seating area and get near the lake, you will see the Oversized Bullet next to the terrace.

Small Collectible 13 - Painted Keg

Saints Row Painted Keg Small Collectible

The Painted Keg is found on the northeast side of Rojas Desert South. Look for a mill in the area. On the right side of the entrance to the mill, you will see the collectible next to a wooden barrel.

Small Collectible 14 - Planetary Model

Saints Row Planetary Model Small Collectible

Head to the right side of West Flats near the intersection that connects it with the East Flats. You will see the model on top of the Vector Science Centre.

Small Collectible 15 - Poker Chips

Saints Row Poker Chips Small Collectible

The poker chips are found on the northeast side of the El Dorado district beside the bridge that connects it to Mercado.

Look for Apollo's Coffee Shop in the area. The poker chips will be right outside the shop near the road.

Small Collectible 16 - Ramparts Plush Toy

Saints Row Ramparts Plush Toy Small Collectible

In Smelterville East, head to the southwest side of the district and look for the Ramparts BBQ Clothing Store.

The Ramparts Plush Toy will be outside the store.

Small Collectible 17 - Scorpion Statue

Saints Row Scorpion Statue Small Collectible

In the middle of Smelterville West district, look for The Forge headquarters, which goes by the name of Panteros. Look below the Panteros graffiti on the front door to find the collectible.

Small Collectible 18 - Silver Obelisk

Saints Row Silver Obelisk Small Collectible

Head to the middle of Badlands North and go to the hill marked on the map. You will find the Silver Obelisk on that hill, glowing in purple color.

Small Collectible 19 - Singing Bush

Saints Row Singing Bush Small Collectible

In the area marked in the Badlands South, you will find a lone island in the middle of a small lake.

Get on the island and go near the radio tower. You will start hearing the singing bush from a distance. It will be next to the radio tower.

Small Collectible 20 - Space Ship

Saints Row Space Ship Small Collectible

Head to the northmost region of Rojas Desert South and look for a small lake beside the road. The spaceship collectible will be in the water.

Small Collectible 21 - The Great Banana

Saints Row The Great Banana Small Collectible

You will find The Great Banana in the northmost region of the Lakeshore South district. Head to the area and look for a building with the sign "Cicada Wireless". The collectible will be in front of the entrance to the building.

Small Collectible 22 - The Worthy Hammer

Saints Row The Worthy Hammer Small Collectible

The Worthy Hammer is found in the western area of Badlands South in the middle of the desert. Near the collectible, you will find a plane and a stranded rowboat.

The Rest Of The Small Collectibles

These are all the Small Collectibles that you will find stranded on the map. The other small collectibles are unlocked by completing campaign missions and venture challenges. These are:

  • As Seen on TV Knife - Received as a reward for completing the Idol Hands Main Mission.
  • Drug Shipment - Collect all 125 Drug Pallets around the map to get the Drug Shipment Collectible.
  • Go-Kart Trophy - There are Pony Express Side Missions that you can take part in and complete. You will get the collectible after completing all the Pony Express side missions.
  • Hoverboard Trophy - Automatically received after you complete the Eurekabator Criminal Venture.
  • Hummingbird Codex - When you complete the Going Overboard story mission, you will receive a replica of the Hummingbird Codex as a collectible.
  • Planet Saints Pedestal - You will receive the Planet Saints Pedestal as a reward for completing all the Planet Saints' missions.
  • Toxic Waste Barrel - Complete the Bright Future Disposal criminal ventures to obtain the Toxic Waste Barrel collectible.

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