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Amy riding her tarot card bike in Sonic Frontiers. 1
Sonic Fans Think Amy's Tarot Cards Are "Overused"

At least the tarot bike card goes hard.

Catching fish and rewards in Sonic Frontiers 1
Sonic Frontiers Update Reveals That Big The Cat Was Never Really There

The best part of Sonic Frontiers, the fishing minigame, was just an illusion.

Knuckles uppercuts an enemy in Sonic Frontiers 1
Sonic Frontiers Has Brought Back Knuckles' Infamous Infinite Jump

Knuckles' infinite jump from Sonic Boom is back, as a fan finds a way to pull it off in Sonic Frontiers.

sonic attacking a tower in frontiers 1
Sonic Frontiers Is Almost Half Price On Amazon Ahead Of Its Final Horizon DLC

There's never been a better time to grab what should have been 2022's Game of the Year. Yeah, I said it.

god of war cookbook and pokemon baking book 1
Best Video Game Cookbooks Of 2023

Bake with Bidoof, cook with Kratos, and sauté with Sonic.

Sonic 10 Best Villains 1
Sonic The Hedgehog: 10 Games To Play For The Story, Ranked

Sonic the Hedgehog might not be primarily known for its stories, but some of the Blue Blur's games are worth checking out for their narratives.

Sonic in 2D over the years. 1
Sonic Superstars Finally Made Me Care About A 2D Sonic Game

Sonic Superstars has done what even Mania couldn’t.

Sonic In Bomb Rush Cyberfunk 1
Bomb Rush Cyberfunk Already Has Sonic And Miles Morales Mod

Sonic and Bomb Rush Cyberfunk is a match made in heaven.

sonic superstars and elephant mario from super mario bros wonder 1
Sonic Superstars Going Up Against Super Mario Bros. Wonder Is A Bad Idea

I've been a Sonic fan for 30 years. I've seen this before. I don't like how it ends.

psp realmz sonic controller 1
PDP's Realmz Switch Controllers Have Collectible Sonic Figurines Trapped Inside

The Sonic controllers are available to pre-order now. Pikmin and Transformers alternatives are coming soon.

amy in front of the sonic superstars pre-order details 1
Sonic Superstars Pre-Order Guide

Gotta go fast to secure your copy. Well, you don't, but you should do it anyway.

pikachu tails and spider-man squishmallows 1
Best Gaming Squishmallows In 2023

The worlds of Sonic, Spidey, and Pokemon have all already received the squishmallow treatment.

super sonic in frontiers 1
A screenshot from a Sonic Superstars trailer. It shows classic designs for Sonic, Knuckles and Tails running and gliding together against a blue background. The text reads:  1
New Sonic Superstars Trailer Reveals Release Date

The latest Sonic Superstars trailer gives us co-op, character customisation, and an October release date.

A burned down city setting with destroyed buildings and an orange sky 1
Sonic Fan Perfectly Recreates Crisis City In Fortnite

The best way to play Sonic '06 - as a custom Fortnite stage.

Sonic PowerA controllers 1
Sega And PowerA Announce Sonic The Hedgehog Gaming Accessories

PowerA and Sega have launched a Sonic branded Xbox Series X|S controller, Nintendo Switch controller, and protective case.

sonic-free-riders 1
Sonic Fans Get Infamous Kinect Game Playable With Normal Controller

Sonic Free Riders is free of the Kinect, and all the awkward poses it made players get into.

AI voice acting 1
Report: Your Favourite Gaming Actors Want You To Stop AI Generating Their Voices

Yuri Lowenthal, Roger Clark, and more speak out against AI stealing their voice and image.

All Versions Of Sonic The Hedgehog From Weakest To Most Powerful: Split Image Of Werehog Sonic From Unleashed, Super Sonic From Frontiers, And Classic Sonic From Mania 1
All Versions Of Sonic The Hedgehog From Weakest To Most Powerful

Sonic the Hedgehog has had a few different versions of the years. Which is the most powerful?

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