The more I try to fathom MultiVersus's existence, the more perplexed I become. I've played the game, and it's a solid good time. But something about this dream match rubs me the wrong way. Don't get me wrong; I love a good crossover. Marvel Vs. Capcom? Tag me in! Smash Bros? Let's go! Kingdom Hearts? Hand me the keyblade, baby!

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Still, the amalgamation of IPs in this game feels wrong. There's no connecting theme other than "our company owns too much media than we know what to do with, so, YOLO!" Sure, we're loving it now. But we still opened Pandora's box. And that feat comes with significant consequences. Don't believe me? Warner Media owns all of these characters, which means we could theoretically see them come to MultiVersus.


8/8 Rachel Green - Friends

Rachel Green takes an order while working at Central Perk in Friends.

I'm calling it now. MultiVersus will reach into Central Perk and start flinging those white twenty-somethings into the roster by the end of Season Two. It's a shame because Maxine Shaw, the sharp and fierce lawyer from the iconic Living Single (also owned by Warner Brothers), would make a much better addition!

Okay. We've established that the core six may become playable in MultiVersus. But who will come first? Honestly, Warner is going to spring for that Jennifer Aniston money. (I know we all want Phoebe Buffay, but the WB wants us to work for it.)

So, are you planning to spend your Gleamium on the slew of haircuts or the wedding dress costume first?

7/8 Auntie Em - The Wizard Of Oz

Auntie Em brushes Dorothy aside while taking care of important farm business in The Wizard Of Oz.

Did you know Warner Bros. now owns The Wizard Of Oz distribution rights? Because I certainly didn't until now. So, there's a possibility some of our favorite Ozians will eventually come to MultiVersus. Personally, do I want to play as a young Judy Garland and bitch slap Bugs Bunny? YOU BET YOUR ASS I DO!

But, let's remember that the Multiverse is limitless. Sure, we may get America's Treasure and mother to Liza Minelli. Or we could get someone as trivial as Auntie Em. Or a Horse Of Many Colors. Or that guy with the curly mustache that guards the entrance to Emerald City (what even is his name?). If truly everyone is here, you can't count these bit players out.

By the way, I looked it up, and the man who played the Wizard, Frank Morgan, portrayed five different roles in this film in all, including the mustachioed gatekeeper. And now I am shooketh.

6/8 Chris Keller - Oz

Chris Keller, played by Christopher Meloni, takes a shower in the HBO series, Oz.

As demonstrated by Arya Stark, HBO has a place in the MultiVerse. So, why stop at Game Of Thrones? Let's take a look at the classics, shall we? More specifically, let's take a look at Em City.

Oz is a male prison saga from the '90s and HBO's first self-produced one-hour drama. One of the show's most memorable characters is a sensual sociopath named Chris Keller, played by America's favorite derriere, Christopher Meloni.

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Keller does many deplorable things throughout the series, including betraying his love interest/cellmate multiple times, hitting on a nun, murdering a handful of inmates, making deals with the Arayan Brotherhood, and saying many things I cannot repeat in polite society.

What am I saying? There's no way this dude will end up in MultiVersus. But he'll undoubtedly get modded in. And I wouldn't be surprised if that mod went full-frontal. (Hey, it's not TV, it's HBO, am I right?)

5/8 Ellen DeGeneres

Ellen takes a selfie with all of her famous friends at the 2014 Oscars.

Why stop at the world of fictional characters? MultiVersus sure didn't when adding LeBron James. And with so many talk shows under the WB's hood, it won't take long for them to dip into this untapped reservoir of celebrity namesakes.

A gut feeling tells me that MultiVersus will become another extension of Ellen DeGeneres's vast media reach. Granted, Ellen's used to dropping people into quiz-show-pitfalls-of-doom. So, punting the Iron Giant off Sky Arena should be in her wheelhouse.

4/8 Ray Barone - Everybody Loves Raymond

Robert, Frank, Deborah, Ray, and Marie strike a pose in a photo taken for Everybody Loves Raymond.


I hope you're ready for your favorite Italian sportswriter with parental boundary issues to duke it out in the MultiVerse. That's right, folks, Everybody Loves Raymond is another sitcom distributed by Warner Bros. Therefore, Ray Romano is in contention for a MultiVersus spot.

Honestly, from an Italian-American's perspective, I love this show. Doris Roberts and Peter Boyle's pointed back-and-forths were comedic perfections.

But does a celebrity whose voice is on every impressionist's shortlist belong in a fighting game? I'm sure everybody will have a take on this. However, this is the chaos you invite when you developa game based on nothing more than the concept that one media company owns a lot of crap.

3/8 The Magical Pair Of Pants - The Sisterhood Of The Traveling Pants

A jean pocket holds the photos of four best friends in The Sisterhood Of The Traveling Pants.

To be clear, I have never seen The Sisterhood Of The Traveling Pants. However, it's certified fresh on Rotten Tomatoes, so maybe I'm missing out. The film centers on a group of friends who find a mysterious pair of pants that somehow fit each of their very different bodies.

Okay, so this movie is about magical pants.

Magical pants? MAGICAL PANTS!

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Look, I don't know if the pants have secret powers other than a hidden elastic waistband, but I don't care. If Player First Games can find a way to imbue fighting prowess into mystical jeans, then I'm here for it.

2/8 The Waltons

The seven Walton children, including John-Boy, from the seventies TV drama, The Waltons.

Raise your hand if you grew up watching your grandparents watch The Waltons!


Okay, just me? Whatever.

For those curious, The Waltons was a historical TV drama about a rural Virginia family living through the Great Depression. However, I'll never forget this classic for the long, drawn-out, family goodnight sessions. Now, you may be thinking, "Chris, there is no way a show that runs in syndication on TV Land during the afternoon will become a part of MultiVersus."

Let me tell you something. My Mom, who owns a PS4 Pro, would absolutely download a free-to-play video game to kick ass and take names as John-Boy. Don't underestimate the power of nostalgia, folks.

1/8 Anyone Who Has Ever Been On The Bachelor/The Bachelorette

The cast of The Bachelor: Season 24 bevel on a fancy staircase.

If you think reality TV could never come to MultiVersus, then honey, I have a rude awakening for you. Warner Brothers owns a lot of reality TV. How much, you ask? The Warner Bros. Discovery branch includes Discovery, HGTG, Food Network, and TLC.

Does this mean 90 Day Fiance could end up in MultiVersus? Yes.

What about I Didn't Know I Was Pregnant? Wait 'til they didn't know how they got into the MultiVerse.

But those are the tip of the trash TV iceberg. One of Warner Bros.'s longest-running reality shows is not on a Discovery network. Instead, it airs on ABC and has been since 2002. Can you guess what it is? Stumped? Here's a hint: "Will you accept this rose?"

Yup! Buckle up, because every Chad, Thad, and Becky has a shot at immortality in the MultiVerse. This is what happens when a crossover game flies too close to the sun. So was it worth the toast, y'all? WAS IT!?

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