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Naughty Dog’s The Last of Us Part 1 is finally out. While it’s nothing game-changing - the many graphical and gameplay improvements coalesce to make this version the definitive way to experience Joel and Ellie’s story. One of the changes with the remake is in regard to how safe codes work.

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With The Last of Us Part 1, players would need to not only acquire the corresponding note - but also manually enter the code to unlock the safe. This guide will cover everything you need to know about the locations and keycodes for each safe in the game.

The Outskirts Safe Location And Keycode

The first safe you will encounter in the game is during The Outskirts section, where Joel, Ellie, and Tess traverse through an underground area populated with abandoned shops and empty store shelves.

Keycode: 03-43-78
  • Once inside the store, stick to the right side of the wall until you come across a Clicker that guards the safe.
  • Kill the Clicker and gain access to the safe.
  • The accompanying keycode can be found by locating the store counter and scouring nearby drawers until you find a collectible titled “Note To Derek.”

This safe contains 50 scrap parts that can be used for weapon upgrades.

You don’t need to find the note to open a safe.

Bill’s Town Safe Location And Keycode

After making your way through Outskirts and making it to the Capitol Building and onwards, you will come across Bill’s Town, which houses the second safe.

Keycode: 05-17-21
  • The safe is located near an abandoned pickup truck.
  • The best way to find it is to stick to the left side of the main street.
  • The key code for the same can be found attached on a barbed wire at the end of the street, on a note titled “Note To Bob.”

This safe contains 50 weapon scrap parts, five supplements, and some Hunting Rifle ammo.

Pittsburgh Hotel Safe Location And Keycode

The next safe can be found within Pittsburgh, which immediately follows after Bill’s Town.

Keycode: 22-10-56
  • Upon entering the hotel, you simply need to look out for the reception.
  • It’s on the right end of the room, and the safe can be found in a small room attached to the reception desk.
  • Once there, simply enter the code and claim the goods.
  • Finding the associated note requires you to carry a ladder near the broken staircase and make your way to the top.
  • Once there, shimmy through the ledge on the right and find a suitcase containing a note titled “Note To Staff.”

This safe contains a training manual for Shiv Reinforcement, 50 weapon scraps, some hunting rifle, and revolver ammo.

The Suburbs Safe Location And Keycode

The last safe is located in The Suburbs after you escape the sewers with Henry and Sam but before the sniper sequence.

Keycode: 8-21-36
  • The safe can be found in a house just past an ice cream truck.
  • Once inside, head to the upper floor and find the safe tucked in the corner of the master bedroom.
  • The note for the same can be found in the attic.
  • Climb up to the very top, and find a Matchbook collectible containing the keycode for the same.

This safe contains 50 weapon scraps, ten supplements, and some shotgun ammo.

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