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Split Image of Cloverfield, REC, and Trollhunter 1
10 Best Found Footage Movies

Found footage films use a distinct filmmaking style to tell a story, and these are the best movies that do so.

umbreon and aipom pokemon funko pops 1
Pokemon's Umbreon And Aipom Funko Pops Are Finally Available To Pre-Order

One step closer to Eeveelution Funko Pop! perfection.

Splatoon 1 character rolling a trail of pink paint with a giant horizontal paint brush attached to a gun 1
3DS And Wii U Online Play Will End Next Year

The original Splatoon, along with the 3DS and Wii U library, is going offline.

Doctor Who Previews 1
Every Card Revealed For Magic: The Gathering's Universes Beyond: Doctor Who Commander Decks

Step into the TARDIS with Magic: The Gathering's Universes Beyond: Doctor Who Commander decks.

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Collage image of Sir Brante, a noble family in Crusader Kings, and Random Sims. 1
7 Games Where You Play Through Your Whole Life

Live, die, and repeat the circle of life in these video games!

Featured image of Cerise from Marvel's Avengers, Joy from Fortnite, and Cove Holden from Our Life Beginnings and Always 1
Best Representations Of Disability In Gaming

These characters don't let disabilities stop them achieving their goals.

Gold Shadow Xbox Controller 1
Xbox Series X
Stunning Gold Shadow Special Edition Xbox Controller Is Up For Pre-Order

The Gold Shadow Special Edition Xbox Controller is one good looking controller.

Forza Motorsport GoodBuy Review TG Thumbnail 1
Forza Motorsport Review - Putting You Firmly In The Driver's Seat

As a non-car fan and a casual player of Forza Horizon, the reboot of Motorsport welcomed me more than I expected.

Longest Games Featured Split Image Of Harvest Moon And Persona 5 1
The 11 Longest Video Games Ever From Least To Most Hours

These are the longest video games ever made, ranked by their length to finish.

MTG Prime 3 1
Early Amazon Prime Big Deal Days 2023 Magic: The Gathering Deals

Here are all the best deals on Amazon's Prime Day sales for Magic: The Gathering.

A collage showing someone aiming at a couple fighting, Leatherface, and Ada Wong. 1
18 Horror Games Where You Play The Villain, Ranked

Gamers don't always want to play the role of the hero, and these horror games allow players to indulge their wild, nefarious fantasies.

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Regional Variants Pokemon Scarlet and Violet feature image 1
Pokemon Scarlet & Violet: All Regional Variants, Ranked

Pokemon Scarlet & Violet revamped some old Pokemon designs, but which are the best?

Super Punch (2) 1
Super Punch Simulator Codes For October 2023

Redeem these Super Punch Simulator codes for free pets and other rewards. How far can you punch in this Roblox game?

Dragon Warrior Simulator 1
Dragon Warrior Simulator Codes For October 2023

Redeem these Dragon Warrior Simulator codes for gems, a currency used in this Roblox game to upgrade your character and progress quickly.

Blob (1) 1
Eat Blobs Simulator Codes For October 2023

Redeem these Eat Blobs codes for free size boosts to help you get started in this competitive Roblox game.

roblox_jailbreak_720 1
Jailbreak Codes For October 2023

On the run from jail? These Jailbreak codes will give you a headstart. Regularly updated for new events and patches.

Roblox Rebirth Champions X 1
Rebirth Champions X Codes For October 2023

Check out the latest codes for Rebirth Champions X, a classic Roblox clicker simulator. Use these codes to get rebirth, click, and luck boosts.

marvel snap midnight suns 1
In A Just World, The Midnight Suns/Marvel Snap Crossover Would Be The Biggest News In Gaming

The Marvel Snap and Marvel's Midnight Suns event is an incredible crossover featuring two of last year's best games.

A Star Destroyer that has been built in Starfield's ship builder that is clipping through mutliple buildings in New Atlantis because of its size 1
Roblox Project New World Main Character In A Pink Hue 1
Haze Piece Codes For September 2023

Check out the latest Haze Piece codes, a massive new open-world Roblox game inspired by One Piece. Redeem for goodies!

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