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Ben is TheGamer's only Features Editor from the north of England. An award-losing journalist, his specialities lie in Pokemon, Warhammer, Apex Legends esports, and fantasy and sci-fi RPGs. You can read his work in Eurogamer, The Guardian, IGN, Kotaku, The Loadout, NME, or VICE. Or here.

google home page 1
Google Is Substituting Your Search Results With Queries That Make It More Money

The internet is dead, not even your searches are safe

The stonks meme man in front of three FIFA players celebrating 1
I Accidentally Became A Trader In EA Sports FC 24 Ultimate Team

I fell into the trading life, but now the coin balance is increasing and I can’t stop

Two Pokemon trainers trading 1
The Secret Pokemon Trading Club That Helps Complete Your Pokedex

A cryptic email and special code let me onto a secret Pokemon trading club and could help you fill your Pokedex too

a tray of cookies next to the apex legends cookbook open on the recipe page 1
The Official Apex Legends Cookbook Offers A Taste Of The Outlands

Ever wanted to try Mirage's pork chops for yourself? You're in luck

Three adventuring Dwarves ready to explore the mines of Moria 1
From Bakshi To Balrogs: How Return To Moria Is Bringing Tolkien Into The Fourth Age

Lord of the Rings survival game Return to Moria offers a “lore-first” approach to game development

Hideo Kojima Predictions: an Image of Hideo Kojima alongside Sam Porter Bridges from Death Stranding and the Rogue AI from Metal Gear Solid 2 in the background 1
Hideo Kojima Better Not Be Hinting At Using AI For Death Stranding 2

A cryptic social media post from Hideo Kojima has fans wondering whether he’s embracing AI

Warhammer 40k Space Wolf firing a flamer at chaos Space Marines 1
Turn-based Tactical Deckbuilder Warhammer 40,000: Space Wolf Is A Dollar Until It’s Delisted

Warhammer 40,000: Space Wolf will not be purchasable after October 11, so buy it now before it’s too late

A pokestop 1
Pro Pokemon Go Player Banned For Submitting Bad PokeStops

Professional Pokemon Go battler Pawe? Szczur has been suspended ahead of the Regional Finals in Lille

Diogo Jota celebrates scoring a goal in EA Sports FC 24 1
EA Sports FC 24 Review: New Name, Same Game

EA Sports FC 24 wants you to play Ultimate Team and nothing else, focusing on live-service additions at the expense of the rest of the game

Warhammer 40,000 Rogue Trader's Sister Argenta artwork laid over gameplay footage 1
Warhammer 40,000: Rogue Trader Devs “Would Love To Have” More LGBT Romance Options, But Won’t

Owlcat Games developers sit down with TheGamer to talk discuss all things romance in its forthcoming Warhammer CRPG

milotic pokedex page 1
Why Did I Bother Completing The Teal Mask's Pokedex?

Pokemon Scarlet & Violet’s DLC isn’t great, so why did I spend hours hunting every Pokemon?

Darwin nunez griddy in EA Sports FC 24's Founders Evolution. 1
EA Sports FC 24: The Best Strikers For Founders Evolution

EA Sports FC 24 Ultimate team introduces Evolution cards, but which player should you pick for the Founders Evolution?

Joel Matip on his knees in EA FC 24. 1
EA Sports FC 24: The Best Centre Backs For Pacey Protector Evolution

Slow defenders the bane of your life? Speed them up with the Pacey Protector Evolution in EA Sports FC 24 Ultimate Team

Ansu fati skill move in EA FC 24's relentless winger evolution. 1
EA Sports FC 24: The Best Left Wingers For Relentless Winger Evolution

EA Sports FC’s Relentless Winger Evolution can give you a powerful card right off the bat, but which left winger should you choose?

Warhammer 40K Rogue Trader 1
Warhammer 40,000: Rogue Trader Devs Explain Why They’re Limiting Player Choice

Between Owlcat Games’ CRPG heritage and Games Workshop’s deep, sci-fi lore, Warhammer 40,000: Rogue Trader is a match made in heaven

tales of the shire-1 1
Stardew-like Lord Of The Rings Game Tales Of The Shire Is Exactly What The World Needs

A cosy life sim set in The Shire is the Hobbity relaxation we all need

Starfield Spaceshp Flying Over Planet 1
Starfield’s One-Sided Ship Boarding Is A Sign Of The Game’s Wider Problems

Starfield’s space combat is a bit one-sided, and the game's immersion suffers for it

apex legends developers explain how they balance weapons 1
Apex Legends Developers "Don't Want" To Release Weapons For The Sake Of It

TheGamer sits down with Josh Mohan and Eric Canavese to find out just how hard it is to balance a battle royale

Blood Bowl 3 Season 2 Clement and Rat Ogre 1
Blood Bowl 3 Season 2 Brings Underworld Denizens, Spectator Cams, And League Updates

Blood Bowl 3 brand manager Clément Nicolin talks us through all the changes for Blood Bowl 3’s next seasonal update

Pokemon Scarlet Violet Teal Mask Bloodmoon Ursaluna 1
The Bloodmoon Quest Almost Redeems Pokemon Scarlet & Violet: The Teal Mask DLC

Pokemon Scarlet & Violet’s Teal Mask DLC gives a glimpse of greatness when hunting Bloodmoon Ursaluna

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