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About Sam Hallahan

After writing online for over 8 years and running a small-scale website on the side, Sam joined TheGamer as an editor in 2021, and now acts as Video Content Lead for the site.

Forza Motorsport GoodBuy Review TG Thumbnail 1
Forza Motorsport Review - Putting You Firmly In The Driver's Seat

As a non-car fan and a casual player of Forza Horizon, the reboot of Motorsport welcomed me more than I expected.

The Best Nintendo Switch Games Of All Time Art of Characters 1
The Best Nintendo Switch Games Of All Time

The Nintendo Switch has dominated since its launch in 2017, and now we have a vast selection of fantastic games to take on the go.

Split Image of Fortnite, Fall Guys, and Dauntless 1
The Best Free Nintendo Switch Games You Can Play Today

The Nintendo Switch is home to fantastic games like Super Mario Odyssey and Breath of the Wild, but there are some great free-to-play titles too.

Boulies Master 2024 Review Image 1
Boulies Master 2024 Gaming Chair Review - What You Would Expect, Not A Lot More

Sits comfortably within the average expectations, but does little to stand out.

Is Starfield Worth It?

Starfield has some big shoes to fill, but is it worth playing? Here's everything you need to know.

FlexiSpot E7Q Review 1
FlexiSpot E7Q 4-Leg Standing Desk Review: Hefty Desk, Heftier Price

The desk will make you stand, but the price might sit you back down again.

Art from No Man's Sky. 1
No Man's Sky: Every Expansion And What Was Added

No Man's Sky just keeps on giving, and with so many expansions over the years, it can be hard to keep track of.

TheGamer Pokemon Worlds 2023 Days 1-4 1
Everything We Saw In Japan For Pokemon Worlds 2023

We went to Japan for Pokemon Worlds 2023, and there was a lot of fun stuff to be experienced!

Skyrim RetroSpective Title 1
Retrospective: Skyrim Has Remained Beautiful And Broken

Looking back, Skyrim has remained at a peak of relevance that no other game can or probably will ever touch… despite still being so broken.

Starfield Xbox Controller Unboxing Thumbnail 1
Unboxing The Starfield Xbox Series X|S Controller

We take a look at the Starfield Xbox Series X|S Controller, with a video included to show all of its glory.

Split Image of a Rally car, a close up of a racing car, and a truck in mud 1
18 Best Driving Simulation Games

Driving Sims are much more realistic than standard racing games - and that can make them so much more fun to play.

Every Bethesda Game Studios Game Ranked Video Thumbnail 1
Every Bethesda Game Studios Game, Ranked

Bethesda Game Studios is known for The Elder Scrolls and Fallout series, but which games are the best?

GoodBuy No Man's Sky 2023 YT Thumbnail 1
Is No Man's Sky Worth It?

Is No Man's Sky worth your time and money? Let's weigh it up.

Best Video Game Soundtracks On Spotify 1
Best Video Game Soundtracks On Spotify In 2023

These video game soundtracks should be in your Spotify playlist.

TG Games To Play Like Starfield On-Site Video Thumbnail-1 1
5 Games To Play While You Wait For Starfield

With Starfield around the corner and our social lives in their final days, here are some games to fill that starry void while you wait.

The Best Xbox Series X_S Games Of All Time 1
The Best Xbox Series X|S Games Of All Time

Since its launch in 2020, the Xbox Series X & S have amassed a library of games readily available - these ones are the best of the bunch.

Best PlayStation 5 Games Of All Time Featured Image 1
The Best PlayStation 5 Games Of All Time

The PlayStation 5 continues to set a new standard for current-gen gaming - here are the absolute best games the console offers.

Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom - Link holding up his glowing hand 1
The End Of Tears Of The Kingdom Is Everything Video Games Should Be

As a laid-back and generally unreactive person, Tears of the Kingdom’s ending had me losing it.

Split image of Kass, Zelda, and Link 1
5 Classic Zelda Tropes That Tears Of The Kingdom Abandons

Tears of the Kingdom brings back a lot of the classic elements of the Zelda series - but it also takes some of them away entirely.

Split image of Bomb Flower, Link artwork, and Poes  1
5 Classic Zelda Elements That Tears Of The Kingdom Brings Back

Tears of the Kingdom is a return to the Zelda roots in many ways, and these features prove that.

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