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Tessa is a Features Editor at TheGamer. They are most interested in exploring diversity in games, industry trends, and indies. Find them on Twitter at @tessakaur or email them at [email protected].

MrBeast and Tom Hanks glitch effect 1
Beware The AI Deepfake Scam

Tom Hanks and Mr Beast have both warned against ads using deepfaked versions of themselves in the last few days.

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If You Skip Video Game Cutscenes, Why Even Bother Playing Games?

If you’re refusing to engage with the game’s story, can you even say you’ve really played the game?

lane garza 1
There Is Only One Likable Starfield Character

Lane Garza is exactly the kind of person I hang out with in real life

26-Back to the Dawn Is Tails Noir Meets Prison Break 1
Back to the Dawn Is Tails Noir Meets Prison Break

You’re an anthropomorphic fox, a journalist who has been arrested for trying to expose corruption. Now you have to survive prison.

24-Demonschool Turned Me Around On Tactical RPGs 1
Demonschool Turned Me Around On Tactical RPGs

I’m not strategically minded, but this light horror game and its colourful cast of characters makes me want to learn

25-Last Time I Saw You Feels Like If ‘Your Name’ Was A Gamer 1
Last Time I Saw You Feels Like If 'Your Name' Was A Game

This narrative adventure explores first loves, coming of age, and mysterious curses, all in beautiful 1980’s Japan.

KOTOR cancel-1 1
The Knights Of The Old Republic Remake Might Be Dead, For Real This Time

References to the remake are being scrubbed from Sony’s social media, amidst parent publisher Embracer’s restructuring

Fortnite and Hyenas  1
The Bust And Boom Cycle Of The Gaming Industry Will Destroy It

Chasing unsustainable growth has led to mass layoffs across the entire industry this year. Epic is far from the first.

17-Read Only Memories Is Back (Neurodiver) 1
The Sequel To 2064: Read Only Memories Is Almost Here, And It Looks Better Than Ever

Read Only Memories: Neurodiver seems to be fixing the problems its predecessor had

16-I Smashed My Head Against Puzzle Platformer One Last Breath For Way Too Long 1
Cuisineer key art 1
This Roguelite Restaurant Management Simulator Made Me Finally Care About Gitting Gud

Cuisineer mashes together two genres that work amazingly together, all while proudly showcasing its Asian roots

Side by side screenshots of the masked protagonist in Enotria: The Last Song 1
Enotria: The Last Song Kicked My Butt So Bad That I Almost Rage Quit

This reality-bending, Italian-inspired Soulslike took me by surprise, in ways both good and bad

A virtual character standing in front of a tree in virtual reality. A sign on the tree says Tokyo Game Show VR 2023. 1
I Nearly Threw Up At The Tokyo Game Show VR Booth, It Was Pretty Cool

Vertigo nearly took me down, but powering through it to experience TGS VR was worth it

Hideaki Itsuno standing between the dragon from Dragon's Dogma 2 and a hero fighting goblins 1
Dragon's Dogma 2's Director Breaks Down The Improved Pawn System, Combat Mechanics And More

We sit down with director Hideaki Itsuno and producer Yoshiaki Hirabayashi to chat about improved mechanics, new systems, and steak.

Kasuga Ichiban naked on a Honolulu beach, with his lower body obscured by a hermit crab 1
I Played 20 Minutes Of Like A Dragon: Infinite Wealth And It’s Already My New Favourite Game

Infinite Wealth’s turn-based combat is shockingly dynamic and the game reinterprets a whole new setting with humour and attention to detail

3-Didn’t Like The Dragon’s Dogma 2 Demo 1
I Think I’m The Only Person Who Didn’t Like The Dragon’s Dogma 2 Demo

As a newcomer to the series, my preview of Dragon’s Dogma 2 left me wondering if I’m missing out on some big inside joke

10-Baby Steps-GIRP 1
Thanks To Upcoming Game Baby Steps, I Have An Unhealthy Fixation On GIRP

I just love being put in control of weird floppy guys

11-Starfield is Stuck In The Past 1
Starfield Is Stuck In The Past

Starfield took a long time to make, and it shows its age – it can’t match the innovation that other hits of 2023 have shown us

3-My Favourite Thing To Do In Starfield Is Take Unsettling Photos 1
My Favourite Thing To Do In Starfield Is Take Unsettling Photos

Capturing the janky and the uncanny in Starfield has made me enjoy it so much more

30-Starfield Is Strongest When It Plays With Genre 1
Starfield Is Strongest When It Plays With Genre

Starfield can be so many things, and delving into genres like horror and Westerns makes it even better

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