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A man sits shirtless in a very small, dirty room. He seems to be eating something from a packet and is surronded by ping pong balls. The camera feed is in black and white. On the left hand side, there is a  1
Twitch Streamer Lets Viewers Flashbang, Abuse Him For Money

Twitch streamer IZIDORE has left his fate in the hands of viewers. If he gives up, he says he'll total his car.

Kai Cenat 1
Kai Cenat Has Been Charged With Inciting Riots After Causing Chaos In New York

Kai Cenat is being faced with multiple charges after a giveaway in Union Square went sideways.

Netflix Games 1
Netflix Games Is Doomed To Failure If It Won't Promote Its Best Games

Netflix keeps failing to sell its games arm to mainstream consumers. Why have these games and not talk about them?

twitch-streamer-general-sam 1
Twitch Streamer Unboxes Dead Pig And Uranium Ore Sent By "Fans"

"Believe it or not, I don’t want a f**king embalmed pig, alright?"

Elon Musk Threads 1
Oh Great, Elon Musk Is Having A Tantrum About Meta's Threads

Twitter is threatening to sue Meta over stolen trade secrets. It’s probably nonsense

digital piracy 1
Piracy Is Coming Back, Baby!

Streaming has ruined media preservation for an entire generation, and older games aren’t faring so well either. Piracy is the only way to save them

A split image of Post Malone, Madison Beer, and Soulja Boy from their Twitch livestreams.  1
8 Celebrities Who Stream Video Games

Musicians, politicians, and other famous people that we have watched on Twitch.

Best Shows On Disney Plus Featured Split Image Of Mandalorian And WandaVision 1
9 Best Shows On Disney Plus

Disney Plus has some compelling shows.

tim cain fallout youtube channel 1
Fallout Fans Need To Check Out Tim Cain's New YouTube Channel

The creator of Fallout is giving away nuggets of gaming gold

Apology video 1
The Colleen Ballinger Drama Is More Complicated Than You Think

Early YouTubers got big because of a lack of boundaries with fans. That’s how we ended up with one denying grooming allegations with a ukulele

xQc with The One Ring card from Magic the Gathering 1
xQc's The One Ring Stunt Is Trading Cards At Their Worst

xQc spent $9,000 on trying to find just one trading card. These games are no longer for players, but for buyers and sellers.

MrBeast 1
Is MrBeast Lying About Being Invited On The Titan Submarine?

YouTuber MrBeast claims to have been invited onto the ill-fated Titanic tourism submarine, but people aren’t sure if he’s telling the truth

kick streaming 1
Here's Why Everyone Hates Kick Streaming

Kick is the latest Twitch competitor, but it’s incredibly controversial for a number of reasons

Amouranth and Pokimane Kick 1
Everybody Is Wrong In Pokimane Vs Amouranth

Pokimane says her "morals" stop her from Kick, Amouranth says she's trying to "get clout". But Pokimane could do more and Amouranth isn't playing fair

XQC streaming on Kick 1
What Is xQc Doing At Kick?

Kick is paying huge money for xQc to stream on the platform, but why does he seem determined to waste it with petty rule breaking?

Amouranth streaming on Twitch competitor, Kick 1
Another Loss For Twitch As Amouranth Joins Kick

Twitch's biggest female streamer moves to Kick, just days after the huge xQc deal.

xqc 1
xQc Is Ditching Twitch For Kick After Signing $100 Million Deal

xQc has signed a two-year $70 million non-exclusive contract that could go up to $100 million with incentives.

Twitch Partner Plus streamer silhouette 1
Twitch’s New Partner Plus Program Sucks

Once again, Twitch proves it doesn’t care about smaller streamers

a surprised gamer wearing a virtual reality headset 1
Gamers Are The Future

Tech giants like Apple are rolling out innovations, but they need to work with gamers for long term success

Call of Duty Warzone: The Gas Circle Closing In On Ashika Island 1
Call Of Duty Streamers Are Too Cowardly To Admit They’re Homophobic

Nickmercs lost his Call of Duty skin after he used tired anti-LGBT rhetoric, and now TimTheTatMan is trying to play both sides

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